White Multi-Colored Nails of the week (NOTW)

The week after I posted this White nail polish combo, I tried a new spin on the White nails by adding a couple more colors.

I really liked how my 1st experiment with the white polish turned out so I decided to add yellow and teal along with the pink and purple to see how it would look.

I started off by polishing all of my nails white.  Then I added the crackle polishes in a diagonal on all nails except my ring finger.

Now before you say anything, I just want to point out that I clean up the extra polish at the end.  I know this looks messy right now. LOL! 😀

 Next I added Yellow and Pink crackle colors on my ring finger.

Next I added the Purple 

Then the Teal

Topped off the look with silver glitter nail art polish and confetti polish.

Now to clean up the messy areas.

Here’s the finished look.

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