Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners

Along with the Naked Palette and the 15th Anniversary Collection Eyeshadows, I also purchased two liquid eyeliners from Urban Decay.  As I mentioned in the  previous post, I used the black pencil in Zero quite a bit.  I’d never used their liquid liners but I would expect nothing but greatness from them.  I tested them out at Ulta and my first reaction was WHOA!  They are full of color and they DO NOT SMUDGE!  You do have to wait a bit to let them dry first, but once they’re dry, that’s it.  They are on to stay.  I only purchased 2 of them, but I would love to have one of each.  I bought a black called Perversion and a purple called Retrograde.

Here’s what they look like below.

There are instructions reminding you to shake the product before using on the box and the actual container.

The applicator is a brush not a sponge.  I prefer sponges but it’ll be okay.  I also would’ve preferred the brush to be longer.  I like when the brush or sponge is longer, this means it requires less work.  You don’t have to worry about having a steady hand as much because you can get the line with one or two strokes.

On the left I used a flash.  On the right I stood by the window for natural daylight. 🙂

These liners go on really smooth.  The color of course is great. Retrograde has some shimmer to it (not surprised. ha ha).  Perversion goes on as a very shiny/glossy black without shimmer (yes!!).  It almost has a patent finish.  I’m happy about that because I don’t have any liquid liners that give this finish.  It gives a more dramatic line.  Very different from M.A.C. Penultimate, Revlon Color Stay liquid liner pen,  Elf Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen, M.A.C. Boot Black, and M.A.C. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner On the Hunt (my absolute favorite applicator because it’s very long and pointy sponge tip).

I’m looking forward to incorporating these into looks in the future.  I’m pretty confident that these will surely last me all day through both of my jobs.

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