The Importance of Using Make- Up Remover

It’s so surprising to hear that people don’t remove their make up at night or even worse, show up to the counter with make up on that they applied the day before. Besides this being a sanitary issue, it’s really bad for your skin.

When you don’t wash your face at night before going to sleep, you wake up with dirt, oil, and make up clogged into your pores.  This can lead to break outs and enlarged pores and just unhealthy skin.  It’s understandable that sometimes you just don’t feel like getting up to wash your face. On a good note, this is wear make-up wipes come into play.  They’re very convenient and depending on which ones, they can do a pretty good job of cleansing your skin.  Keep them wherever you tend to relax.

If you are adamant about washing your face at night, make sure your cleanser actually removes make up.  If not, you will need to use a separate one to do the job.  Most cleansers by themselves DON’T remove make up.  You have to read the labels to see if it does.

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite wipes are by Ponds (the original only).  My fave make up remover is Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.  To get more info on my experiences with make up remover wipes you can check here,  here, and here. šŸ™‚

What do you use to remove your make up?

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Holly Mackenzie Cupp

I love Mary Kay Oil Free Make-Up Remover. I may be a tad bit biased (I'm an Independent Beauty Consultant) but it takes my eye make-up off with ease even the tough stuff and it doesn't burn my eyeballs. I wash my face with cleanser afterwards.

Royal Beauty Designs

Hey Holly,

I've never tried any of Mary Kay's make up remover. Thanks for recommending it.

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