Target Haul Part 4 Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from UVA (Ultra Violet Aging) and UVB (Ultra Violet Burning) rays is essential to your health and beauty.  A lot of premature aging, discoloration, lines/wrinkles, are the result of lack of sun protection.  I have to admit that until I started to work in make-up and skin care, I wasn’t that concerned with using SPF (Sun Protective Factor) in my cosmetics.  The only time I would put on sunscreen was if I knew I would be outside for extreme amount of time, for example if I was going to be at an amusement park all day.

Over the years I’ve tried several products.  Most of them have been too greasy to feel comfortable on my face, but for my body they were okay.  The others would usually leave a white film on my skin.  The only sunscreen that I found to work on my face without the greasy and/or white residue was by Clinique.   I think I’ve finally found an inexpensive substitute from Neutrogena.

Clinique Sun SPF 30 Face Cream
This is the Clinique Sunscreen that I used to use.  It retails for $18
I purchased this product on sale at Target for $8. It has SPF 55 which is awesome and it leaves no residue and is not greasy.  Of course I’d prefer to have SPF in my moisturizer or foundation, but I have yet to find a good combination with those products that worked the way I would like it to.  I finally found not one but two foundations that I really like and a moisturizer that works better than all of the others that I’ve tried.  The downside is that none of these products have SPF in them. 
As special bonus, it came with a lip balm

*the clinique product picture was taken from the Clinique website

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