Target Haul Part 2

This part is focusing on the 3 brushes I bought last week.  Here are my thoughts about them.

From left to right: Sonia Kashuk Pointed Foundation brush, Sonia Kashuk Pointed Blending brush, Elf Foundation brush

I was overjoyed to find this guy.  I’ve been wanting a brush like this for over a year now.  I first saw something similar to this at Sephora.  The worker introduced me to their Airbrush brush when I got samples of HD & Matte Velvet Foundation.  It’s not quite as tapered but it’s similar.  I didn’t get it but I never forgot about it.  Then I was watching YouTube videos and saw both Ebony of Color Me Beautiful (one of my all-time favorite YouTube gurus) and Michael of Sublime Agent talk about Luise Young’s foundation brush.  Ebony also did a review of a Sonia Kashuk limited edition brush set that came with a  clutch.  I saw this at Target.  It retailed for $24.99.  The only brush I wanted was the Pointed Foundation brush.  Well after checking back time after time, I finally saw this brush being sold by itself for $12.99.  I know you are probably thinking that it was a better value to just get the set with the clutch but I really didn’t want those other items.
Professionnel Platinum Foundation Airbrush #55
Sephora Airbrush brush.  Not quite as tapered but definitely not a traditional flat brush.  It retails for $34
Super Foundation
Luise Young Super Foundation brush.  It retails for  24 Euros which I think is about $52.
Sonia Kashuk Pointed Blending brush. Retails $3.99.
So you know that I was hoping this was going to be a dupe for the M.A.C. #224 right?  Ha ha!  It’s not too bad actually.  I like this brush.  It’s a bit thinner and it’s shorter but it works well.  It’ll be a good alternative when working with clients who have smaller eyes b/c sometimes the #224 is too big.  Oh and the #224 Retails for $29.50.
On the left is the Elf Foundation brush. Retails $1.  In the middle is the Coastal Scents Synthetic Foundation brush that came with my Metallic Plum brush set.  I purchased it about 2 years ago.  The entire set comes with 12 brushes and a brush roll.  It retails for $29.95.  On the right is another Coastal Scents brush, Bionic Foundation Concealer brush.  It retails for $5.99.  I bought this brush last year.  It’s the biggest flat foundation brush I’ve ever seen.  I love it.  It’s really soft and blends product very well.  A great buy for the inexpensive price.
Just another picture showing the differences in the sizes of the brushes.  The Elf brush on the left is significantly smaller than the other two.  It seems to work better as a large concealer brush than a foundation brush due to it’s small size.  I mean, of course you could use this brush to apply foundation, it’s just going to take you a while to do you entire face.
Just in case you were wondering about the Metallic Plum brush set I was talking about above.  🙂  I highly recommend this brush set.  The only brush I didn’t like (I actually hate) is the angled brush.  It’s very rough.  In the picture it’s the 2nd brush from the center.

*The pictures of the Sephora Airbrush brush and the Luise Young Foundation brush were taken from the companies’ websites.

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