Target Haul Part 1

You ever get the feeling that it’s just not possible to go into Target and just come out with one or two things?  Well this is what happened to me yesterday.  I went in for paper towel and toilet tissue, somehow I walked out with those things plus all of the items below.  The majority of this Haul is Elf, there are some Sonya Kashuk brushes as well as Neutrogena, and Loreal products as well.  I’ll break this into two posts.  1st I’ll focus on the Elf products I purchased.
So excited to try all of these!

I only paid a $1/ea for these eye shadow quads.  On the left is Punk Funk and on the right is Silver Lining

This is called All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach.  It can be used on the eyes, lips, and face. My guess is that it’s similar to M.A.C. Cream Color Base but in a solid stick form instead of a cream and it retails at $1 instead of $16.50.
It’s pretty…A bit more frosty than I would like, but still a nice color.  This will be pretty as a cheek highlight.

Honey Do Lip Gloss.  I like the easy squeeze tube applicator.  Retails $1
This color was a bit disappointing.  It’s very very sheer.  I was hoping it would be a pretty orange-red color.  In reality, it just looks like a red glossy tint on my lips.
Candid Coral Blush Retails $3
I know I’m going to be using this blush a lot.  It reminds me of M.A.C. Style.  It’s really pretty.
This is a look with the above products.  I’m so shocked at the payoff for only spending $1ea.  I’m overjoyed that Elf is sold at Target with it’s own section.  

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Love your haul! I can't go anywhere that sells makeup or beauty products without buying something ehhe.The hubby always says I will meet you in makeup hehe

I have that problem too, though I did manage it the other day.. pretty sure it was a divine intervention though. LOL

Enjoy your goodies! :]

Royal Beauty Designs

@Mrs.Makeup I know right. It's gotten progressively worse over the last year. I guess because all before I was so into Clinique and M.A.C. that I didn't really try other brands except for a few other dept store brands. Now, I'm open to just about all make-up whether it be at the grocery store, the beauty supply or online. I've truly broadened my scope on cosmetics. Ha ha! The downside of always looking out for something cool and new to try is constantly being tempted to buy something that I really don't NEED. Ha ha! (I find some type of way to rationalize that I still have to buy it)

Thanks for stopping by! 😀

Royal Beauty Designs


I'm going to need some of that divine intervention to come along with me next time I go to Target. Ha ha! I guess I'll have to say a prayer before walking in. Kinda like saying your grace before eating. LOL! I'm sure having a list and sticking to it would be helpful as well. I didn't have a list that day…my bad.

Tell me about it. A trip to Target and other retail stores isnt complete without checking the beauty aisle. 2 wks ago, I had that same dilemma, I went in to get dog food only to come out with more makeups. Makeup junkie problem, haha!

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