Dec 272013

After looking for this product at several stores in my area, I finally got my hands on the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless!!!Shameless Matte Balm

Purple lips have been all the rave for the fall and winter so I’m guessing this is why this particular color was so hard to find. I would see the other colors in the collection but not the purple. Well the wait is over. :-)Shameless Matte Balm without top It’s a very pretty colorshameless matte balm swatch Even though it’s matte, it still feels somewhat hydrating. I don’t know how Revlon mastered this texture but I love it! :-) Shameless Matte Balm on lips closeThe above picture is with a flash and below is without a flash.shameless matte balm on lips no flash

Dec 092013

I recently purchased two new colors of the Revlon Colorburst Lipglosses in Adorned(pink) and Embellished (deep plum) from Kroger’s Grocery Store.
Revlon Colorburst both Adorned and Embellished lipglossesHere’s what they look like below

Revlon Colorburst Adorned Label AdornedRevlon Colorburst Adorned Applicator After opening this, I remembered why I hadn’t purchased any of these Colorburst lipglosses.  I HATE the applicator. I forgot I said a couple years ago, I’d never buy them again…but totally caught mesmorized by the pretty pink and purple colors. LOL! :-)

Revlon Colorburst Adorned no flash swatchAbove is without a flash and below is with a flash

Revlon Colorburst Adorned flash swatchBelow is how it looks on my lips Revlon Colorburst Adorn on lips This is a pretty pink gloss!

Revlon Colorburst Embellished label Embellished Revlon Colorburst  Embellished applicatorRevlon Colorburst Embellished no flash swsatchAbove is without a flash and below is a swatch with a flash

Revlon Colorburst Embellished flash swatch Here’s what it looks like on my lips

Revlon Colorburst Embellish on Lips 2 I was very disappointed to see that it shows up red instead of a deep plum. :-( Didn’t expect that from the way it looked in the container. It’s still a pretty color though, just not what I wanted.

Aug 172013

As much as I love the color of MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick, I can’t wear it alone. There’s something about the formula that makes my lips extra dry. The same thing happens when I wear the Viva Glam Nicki lipstick. Initially, the lipstick will go on smoothly, but about an hour later, my lips will look cracked & chapped. This occurs no matter how much I prep my lips ahead of time. It’s really strange. So I decided to top off the lipstick with a gloss.

I tried using the Revlon Superlustrious gloss in Sugar Violet on a whim. It wad the closest thing to Candy Yum Yum in my makeup bag at the time. I figured Sugar Violet wouldn’t change the color too much because it’s pretty sheer.  This is the same lip I used for my Make Up Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara Review. :-)



I think it worked out really well. I’ve been wearing this combo a lot lately.


May 012013

I received this Revlon Photoready BB Cream for free as a Klout Perk.  I was very excited about it because I’ve begun to fall in love with BB creams. So far I’ve tried Garnier, Bobbi Brown, and Maybelline.  I was eager to see how this Revlon version would compare.Revlon Photoready BB Cream Collage

I wasn’t expecting too much because of the very limited range of colors.  I was only able to choose from Light, Light/Medium, or Medium.  Really Revlon? Ya’ll are just going to totally disregard women of color huh? SMH!  I got to the point of being upset because in 2013, there’s NO excuse for a major cosmetic company to just not have a wide range of colors available for it’s fan base.  It was really confusing to me because it’s not like Revlon doesn’t normally have products for people with darker skin.  For example, Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation is very popular (I wear Carmel and I love it) and has a great range of colors to choose from.  I would have only imagined their BB Cream would be the same.

Here’s what it looks like on me.

Revlon BB Cream So you know I was concerned after swatching this on my hand.  Of course I know that my hands are darker than my face, but still.  I was very worried this Medium color was going to be way to light for my skin.

Revlon BB Cream B4 picAbove is my before pic. I’m wearing absolutely no makeup. Yep, I’m pretty brave. LOL! ;-p

Revlon BB Cream on face In this picture, I’ve started to rub in the  Medium BB Cream.

Revlon BB Cream finished lookThis is the finished look.

So what are my thoughts?

I’ve worn it for about a week. I really really like the way it feels on my skin and how it makes my face feel soft.  I also like that a litte goes a long way.   It’s very long lasting and I’ve noticed my makeup goes on more smoothly when I wear it.  I don’t wear it alone because I need more coverage.  As you can see in the above pics, my blemishes still show, which is fine.  I wear BB Creams to combine skin care products, not to replace my makeup.

It seems as though Revlon was trying to play the “Brown Paper Bag Test”, and I barely made the cut.  :-(  Strangely enough, it does blend well into my skin, even though the color range is extremely limited. I can’t explain how it somehow still works for me even though it looks too light at first.  I think I just made the cut.  So if you are any darker than me, it’ll be a risk buying this BB Cream.  I’d recommend Maybelline instead.  I just finished my tube and I truly like it.  Maybelline has a good variety of colors, however, I will say I like the Revlon BB Cream better because it’s more light weight and I feel it  blends better.  It’s not really matte, but it’s not as creamy as the Maybelline BB Cream.  So far, I like Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream the best. On the downside, this is another company that didn’t make a wide range of colors.  I just made the cut for the darkest color as well. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream gave a little more coverage, which meant I didn’t have to apply as much makeup afterwards.

I truly hope Revlon will extend the color range of this product.



Aug 152012

I purchased the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains last month from H.E.B. when  all Revlon products on sale $3 off. (winning!!)

This post will focus on two of these colors. Darling Cherie and Lovesick Passionnee’.

You get a nice size amount of product in the container. 

Above are my bare lips. Below is me applying the Darling Cherie Balm Stain

The picture below was taken without a flash

Next up is Lovesick Pasionee’

Below I’m applying Lovesick Passionee’ to my lips

This color reminded me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. So I decided to compare it.

Here are swatches of the two below

I blotted my lips a few times to give it more of the stained effect.

Then I applied the Lip Butter in Lollipop on top

So my conclusion is that I really like the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains.  I previously posted here, here, and here about how much I love the Revlon Lip Butters.  It’s nice to have similar colors but different textures.  Of course the Lip Butters are a lot more hydrating and glossy than the Balm Stains.  I really appreciate the fact that the Balm Stains still provide a bit of moisture unlike most stains that are extremely drying and can just be uncomfortable to wear.

Have you tried either of these products?

May 032012

I spoke about my love of Revlon Lip Butters in this post and this post.  Here is another color.  Cherry Tart.


It’s a pinkish red color.  Feels great on my lips and has pretty good lasting power of about 3 hours.