Oct 282012

Day 2 of the Make Up For Ever Pro Road Show was just as good as day one.  The first class of the day was Red Carpet Beauty facilitated by Celebrity Makeup  Artist Patrick Eichler. He was introduced by Mariel Guay of Make Up Forever.

In the above picture, Patrick is teaching us that orange and pink colors work really well as blushes either alone or mixing them.  They tend to be universal. 

Above he is applying MUFE Smokey Lash MascaraHere Patrick is showing us where he will Highlight/Contour

These are the finished looks below

The 2nd class of the day was HD For All facilitated by Joy Hom.

Joy shared with us the techniques she uses when applying makeup that will be recorded in High Definition.  Unfortunately, I got to this class late so I don’t have a lot of pictures to share. :-(

Joy stressed the importance of prepping the skin and keeping in mind that less is more when working in HD.  You have to go softer with colors and texture because it will be amplified with the HD lens   Stay away from frosty textures and dark colors if possible because they will be extremely dramatic.  She also said it’s important to pay attention to your application.  Be ware of the strokes and finger prints that may be left on the skin.

Above is the finished look that Joy created with HD techniques.

Above is Michael DeVellis introducing Lija Stewart who taught the 3rd class of the day titled The Beauty and Business of Bridal.  The class served two purposes.  Lijah had a Q&A portion at the beginning then she did an application towards the end.  The Q& A portion was extremely helpful.  She did a terrific job in answering questions about how to deal with issues when working with brides and their bridal parties.  I’m very happy I attended this class.

First Lijah prepped the skin with HD Primer. 

Then she applied concealer under the eyes to highlight the area.Next she contoured the model’s cheeks to bring more dimension to her faceLijah believes in taking care of the skin first, so she did all of the face work before the eyes.  In the above picture she’s working to give the bride a soft smokey eye.

Here are the finished looks below. 

Below are Lijah and I.  I know I’ve already talked about how awesome Lijah is in my 1st post about my MUFE Pro Road Show Dallas experience, however I just wanted to reiterate just how amazing she really is as both an artist as well as a facilitator   She teaches the type of class that keeps you wanting more.  When you get to the end, you’re like “awww man, it’s over”.  I’m thrilled that she’ll be facilitating a couple of classes at The Makeup Show Orlando.  :-)

As I mentioned in the Day One experience of the Pro Road Show, Michael DeVellis stated there were 3 goals of this weekend. At the end of day 2, we completed the 3rd goal which was to network.  Because Make Up For Ever is so totally awesome, they had a special Meet and Greet Social Cocktail event for all of the attendees at the MUFE Store in Dallas North Park Mall.  It was after hours and pretty much open exclusively for us.  How cool is that???  We had the opportunity to not only network with one another, but also MUFE staff.

 Above is a picture of me with Patrick Eichler during the Pro Social event.

Sep 282012

Yay!! One of the events I’ve been waiting for all year was the Make Up For Ever Pro Road Show. I attended it last year in Austin, and it was truly life changing. It was held in Dallas this year Sept 15-17.  I was able to network with amazing people and I gained a plethora of knowledge…for free.

In case you aren’t familiar with this event. It’s a complimentary 3 day workshop/seminar with educational classes for professional make up artists. According to Michael DeVellis, the three main goals are 1.) Education 2.) Product Knowledge 3.) Building the MUA Community. I can honestly say I accomplished all three of these.

Michael DeVellis interacting with the MUAs after his Branding class.

The first class was The Art of Highlighting and Contouring by MUFE Educator Lijah Stewart.  In the above picture, she’s prepping the model’s skin. Lijah told us that she likes to actually touch her client’s skin to really get an idea of the facial structure she’s working with.  It also allows for a connection between MUA and client.   I never thought about that.  I always use brushes.  It’s rare that I really touch my clients’ faces, unless I really needed to blend the under eye concealer.

She used liquids with a flat foundation brush to highlight and contour to provide a skin finished effect and reduce that cakey look.

Above Lijah is contouring the eye with a matte brown color in the crease

She used the tighlining technique instead of lining the top lash line to add subtle definition to the eye without being too dramatic.

The completed beauty look with Highlighting and Contouring is above.

Next she took the look from a beauty look to a fantasy look starting with pink brows.  How awesome is that? :-)  I’m totally trying this.

Next she used the MUFE Flash Color Palette and mixed colors to make a gorgeous pink cheek contour.

 She used a sponge because of the easy to use shape.

Then she added a soft white cheek highlight

Lijah completed the look by contouring the forehead, lips, and eyes with pink. It’s incredible that even though this is a fantasy look, the model still looks pretty not scary. :-)

It’s so hard to put in words how fantabulous (yep that’s what I meant to say LOL!) Lijah Stewart is.  She was one of the 1st people I met when I walked into the room.  I didn’t know who she was until I introduced myself and she said her name.  I was like OMG you’re one of the presenters.  Can’t wait for your class!  Even then, I had no clue what I was in for.  I was blown away by her ability to not only create beautiful work but also engage the audience and make  the class really enjoyable.  It’s so clear that she truly loves what she does both being a make up artist and an educator.  Her personality and overall aura is just so pleasant, vibrant, and fun.  I’m so happy I was able to be in her class.

Jul 132012

In Part 1 of my review of these brushes I told you how magnificent these brushes are.  They are so terrific that I couldn’t get everything all in one post so this is part 2 of my review of the new Royal and Langnickel Revolution brushes.

First up in the 2nd part of my review is the BX 145

I don’t have anything to compare this to.  It’s truly different from every other brush I have.  It’s designed to apply mascara to lashes with ease. I’m so happy to have it.The BX 60 is almost like a smaller version of the BX 55.  The bristles are soooo soft. I don’t have anything like this brush either.Here’s the BX 55 next to the BX 60. The next brush I want to show you is the BX 50.I would describe this brush as a flat shader brush that can be used for liquids, powders, and creams.  So it would be good for concealer and applying eye shadow.  I love the shape of it.  The bristles are longer than my other shader brushes.There are clear differences between the MAC 242 and the Revloution BX 50. The 242 brush is a lot shorter and more dense than the BX 50.Ok, so the pic doesn’t really show you, but the BX 50 is definitely thicker.  My 242 has gotten LOTS of use over the years so that’s why it looks like this. Ha ha!Next up is the BX 140.  It’s a combo brush for brows and lashes.

 I compared it to my Coastal Scents Lash Comb. The Coastal Scents brush handle is a lot longer. Again the Coastal Scents brush is bigger than the BX 140.  One of the biggest advantages of the BX140 is the ends of the metal is actually more round than pointy so you don’t get “injured” as easily. :-)Now when I initially saw this BX 130 brush at the booth, I thought it was just a regular angled liner brush like all of the others. Boy was I wrong.  
 It’s actually smaller than the MAC 208 brush which before getting the BX 130 was my smallest angle liner brush.

In conclusion, these brushes were one of the best investments I purchased while at IMATS LA.  Kevin James Bennet had 3 different brush sets available but they were sold out by the time I made it to the booth. :-(  I only picked 8 however I would’ve gladly taken one of each had my budget permitted it. ;-)

I will absolutely buy more of these brushes, probably at The Makeup Show in Orlando.  Thanks for reading!

Jul 102012

I asked you what was in the bag in the previous post.  Here’s the answer below. :-)

I purchased these brushes at IMATS LA a couple of weeks ago. I first learned about these brushes on Facebook from Kevin James Bennett.  He helped develop them based on his years of experience and research as well as interacting with other make up artists on their likes/dislikes of brushes.

 During his workshop on Event Makeup at IMATS LA, he discussed the importance of using proper tools with makeup application. He used a few of these above brushes in his application.  I was so intrigued throughout the class and couldn’t wait to get to the counter.  Once I got a chance to touch them…I was totally sold.  These brushes are incredible.  I mean, they’re fantastic.  They feel so good in your hand.  The handle is soft and not wooden or plastic.  It almost feels like a very sturdy rubber.  The ferule is titanium so it will last for years and years.  These brushes are extremely durable.

I love the fact that these brushes have flat bottoms.  I can stand them up!!! :-)I compared the BX 15 to what I felt was the closest brush I had to it and that was the MAC #109.  When I purchased this brush I knew it wasn’t like any other brushes I had but I just wanted to make sure.Yep, the BX 15 is different. This is the BX 35. How amazing is this brush? The only brush I own that comes close to this is the MAC 191The BX 35 is bigger and more dense than the MAC 191

Stay tuned to part 2 of my review of these new Royal and Langnickel Revolution Brushes…