Mar 082014

The 2nd Show I worked on was for designer Ernest Alexander. He’s based in NYC and proudly manufactures 100% of  his line in the USA, with most pieces being made in the Garment District.  When I walked into the studio, he was actually one of the 1st people I met as I walked in the room. That was awesome!  He’s so nice and appreciative of all of the people who worked with him on his show. :-)

2014-02-05 17.16.37How cool is this car with the designer’s name on it? :-) IMG_20140205_232900Check out all of the snow that was shoved to the side. *whew*20140205_171312 I love how they went all out with the fashion.  Even with the cars.  I’m guessing Cadillac was one of the sponsors for the show.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to assist Key Makeup Artist Monae Everett. This was another Men’s Wear Fashion Show.  Here she is in action. Monae was showing us the look for the show.  IMG_20140205_142217 Beauty Blender reps came by to supply us with tools to use on the models.  You’ll notice she’s using a Beauty Blender in the picture.   Evolution Man was a sponsor for the makeup team.  Here are the products we used backstage on the models.

2014-02-05 14.09.57

Here’s my very condensed makeup station

These guys were a lot of fun to work with and had great personalities. I even met one model who moved from Houston not too long ago. Here are two of the models I worked with below. 2014-02-05 15.01.152014-02-05 15.24.31 Here’s more behind the scenes action.  2014-02-05 16.11.242014-02-05 16.53.142014-02-05 16.53.542014-02-05 16.55.422014-02-05 16.55.512014-02-05 16.59.16  Below is an #Usie with two of my fellow glam squad members Shrini, and Danielle.  Check out the model behind us doing a photobomb. LOL! :-D2014-02-05 15.55.56-1

Stay tuned for more of my experiences during NYFW 2014.  Also if you missed the 1st part click here. :-)

Nov 092013

2013-11-08 23.14.58This product has been out for a while, but for whatever reason, I never tried it. I would see it while working at the counter but I just never ventured out of my normal routine of using either the original Prep and Prime Primer or the newer Prep and Prime Natural Radiance Primer.

I’m a big advocate of prepping the skin before applying makeup so I always prime first. I regularly use Make Up Forever’s HD Primer on my freelance jobs when I’m not working at the MAC Counter. I love it.  It’s always nice to discover new products that work well so I can expand my options in my pro makeup kit.


I decided to try the MAC Prep and Prime Moisture Infusion Serum a few weeks ago because I didn’t have the Natural Radiance at my particular station.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well the product works.

20131026_192800 This is what it looks like when you pump it out.

20131026_192813 This is how it looks after rubbing it in a bit.  It’s so lightweight and feels really good on the skin.  It’s a thin consistency so it blends really well without any residue.

The MAC Moisture Infusion Serum reminds me a lot of the MUFE HD Elixer. It’s like a hybrid between a primer and moisturizer all in one. It makes the skin feel hydrated  and allows the makeup to go on more smoothly. I’ve been using it ever since and my customers have really liked how their skin feels. It retails for $40. I’ll be adding it to my pro makeup kit soon.




Feb 072013

Black Opal Heatwave lipstick

Black Opal Heatwave Lipstick closeHere’s a swatch on my hand with a flashBlack Opal Heatwave lipstick swatch with flashDSCF8463I really, really like this lipstick. I’m happy with both the color and the texture.  I couldn’t tell from just looking at it, but there’s a bit of shimmer but not enough to make it frosty.  It glides on really smooth and feels hydrating on my lips. I know I’ll have to get a full size soon.  Sending this free sample was a good idea from Black Opal.

Feb 052013

Black Opal Eyeshadows with Elf Brush
I used my new Black Opal Eyeshadows to create this Inexpensive Look Of The Day last week.  I later realized that I didn’t do actual swatches of the colors.  I’ll show you what each of the four colors look like in this post.


The first color I’ll show you is Emotional Me. It’s a frosty golden yellow.

Black Opal Emotional Me on brushBelow is what it looks like on my skin.

Black Opal Emotional Me Swatch

The next color is Illusion.  It’s a gorgeous frosty light gold.  Illusion reminds me of MAC Vanilla Pigment, but it’s a tad bit darker.  Black Opal Illusion LabelBlack Opal Illusion on brush

I’ve been using this color a lot on both my eyes and as a cheek highlight, however, it didn’t really photograph well on my hand. :-(Black Opal Illusion Swatch flashWith the flash above and without the flash belowBlack Opal Illusion Swatch no flash

Next up is Ring a Ding. Black Opal Ring A Ding LabelBlack Opal Ring A Ding on brushI’m in love with this color. It’s a wonderful matte orange.  I have another matte  orange that I use in my 42 Matte Coastal Scents Palette, but this color is more toned down and also darker.Black Opal Ring A Ding with FlashWith a flash above and without the flash below.
Black Opal Ring A Ding swatch no flashIt’s great for the crease and it blends really well.

The last Shadow is Nookie Cookie. That name makes me giggle. Ha ha! ;-p Black Opal Nookie Cookie Label Black Opal Nookie Cookie on Brush This color is a nice matte dark chocolate brown. When I saw it online, I thought it was going to be like MAC Embark, but it’s not as red. Black Opal Nookie Cookie Swatch flash The picture above is with a flash and the one below is without a flash. Black Opal Nookie Cookie no flashFor only $5, I’m very pleased with these Black Opal Shadows and I do want more of them.   I’ll check my local Beauty Supply stores to see if I can get them there. So far, I haven’t seen them at Wal-Mart, but I’ll keep looking.

Oct 302012

The First class of the day was facilitated by Oklahoma Make Up Artist Gwen Pettie-Green.  I’m so happy or her.  We follow each other on facebook and twitter.  I got a chance to meet her in person at the MUFE Pro Road Show last year in Austin.  The name of this class was Creating Beauty.

Gwen creating some very cool glitter brows on her model.  They were just enough to add a little extra without being too over the top.  I’m totally going to try this.  She then added a gold lid then black liner.

Above, is the midway look that Gwen created.  Below is where she began to add more drama with the lips and eyes.

I really like how Gwen used the lash brush to apply mascara to her model’s lashes.  She was really able to work through each lash.  I need to do this more often.  I purchased a Royal & Langnickel Revolution lash brush, but haven’t used it yet.

The 2nd class of the day was The Artistic Advantage which was taught by Joy Hom.  She did a fabulous job in showing us how to use the MUFE Flash Color Palette and how extremely versatile this product is.

 In the above picture, Joy is using different colors from the MUFE Flash Color Palette to match the models skin.  It’s something that you have to practice and really incorporate color theory to pull off.

She explained that a lot of it is trial and error and you have to train your eye to be able to pick up the right mixture to make the match.  She also used the Flash Color Palette to highlight and contour.

This was the completed Beauty Look that Joy created with the MUFE Flash Color Palette.  Just for fun, she kept going to take it to more of a theatrical look.

Here I am with the model and Joy.  I truly enjoyed this class.  Joy does a great job in explaining her techniques to help the class gain a better understanding of the products.  Oh this is totally off topic but did you check out the model’s shoes?   Here’s a closer picture. I couldn’t help but take a picture.  I’m in love with these.  Not sure what I’d wear them with or wear I’d wear them to, but I’m sure I could pull them off. Ha ha! ;-P

Jul 292012

Because IMATS is geared towards makeup lovers and makeup professionals, there were plenty of demos with industry pros showing different pointers, techniques, and tips on how to apply makeup.

This post will focus on just some of the makeup demos I saw and captured with my camera. Of course there were many many more throughout the two days.

This is International makeup artist Anabel Vargas.  She taught a class on how to apply makeup to Women of Color.This is the closest I got to the finished look before leaving to attend Kabuki’s class.

Above is world renown  make up artist Kabuki. He was the Keynote speaker on Saturday afternoon. He showed us how he applies an applique to the face.  He actually handmade this one by starting off with sketches, then cutting out a pattern and lastly adding the jewels.  That’s an amazing skill. 
There were also several demos being done throughout the exhibit hall.  See below.Above is Sean of MUD doing a demo on Baltimore based make up artist Cynthia.Urban Decay launched their brand new foundation called Naked Skin and provided demos.

YouTube Makeup Tutorial Guru Tiffany D worked with Sigma and did make overs.It was cool to see her in real life do makeup on another person. :-)Eve Pearl also did makeup demos at her booth.  Her client looks happy with the results so far. :-)This is international celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris.  She did a class on “Timeless Makeup”.  She demonstrated great anti-aging techniques and showed us how some of the simplest of changes with filling in brows, contouring, and applying eyeliner/eyeshadow can either add on or take away years on a face.