Jan 132015

After the leaving MBFW I attended a NYFW Beauty Mixer called “Relax Relate Relase” hosted by Social Media Gurus Kela Walker, Ty Alexander of GorgeousInGrey, and Christen of Divas and Dorks who started the Digital Sorority.   It was held at the Inglot Studio in SoHo to celebrate the end of another successful New York Fashion Week.  Before I go any further, I need to make a disclaimer.  I lost a lot of my NYFW pictures.  For some reason, not all of my pictures transferred to my dropbox.  :-(  As a result, I’ll be posting my Instagram posts.  At least I still have those.  Thank God.

The ladies had a cool set up towards the back of the Inglot studio with lights (looked like Glamcor, but I’m not sure) an iPad on a stand, and a big screen TV.  We were able to take selfies, usies, and wesies during the event and instantly post them to our social media accounts.  They even had cute little signs for us to hold up with pre-printed titles and hashtags. :-)




BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Inglot Beauty Mixer Usies

  This was such a fun event! There were Makeup Artists doing makeup demos and Hairstylists from Angela’s Hair Salon NYC doing hair.  AT&T gave away a cell phone and Otterbox gave out cases.  They had light refreshments and gave away goodie bags.  (sorry I don’t have those pictures anymore.  *cries*)  The Instagram collage below is the closest thing I have left. BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Inglot Beauty Mixer CollageBeautyByLeRenda Swag Bag from Inglot NYFW RRR Party

Here’s the goodie bag we received at the NYFW Relax Relate Release Party. :-)

Nov 062013

The Houston Fashion Bloggers were hosted by Macy’s in Memorial City Mall a couple weeks ago for our October Meetup and we had a great time!!!


We got a chance to see the newest Fall/Winter Trends for this year.  Two members of the executive team put pieces together for us to preview.  The majority of the pieces put together cost less than $300.


DSCF0654This green Ralph Lauren Dress was the 1st piece that caught my eye when I walked in the room. It’s priced at only $99 .  It comes in different colors (although I’d  prefer the green since it’s the Pantone color of the year) and would be perfect for holiday parties. :-)

DSCF0655This is a top by Rachel Roy. It can also be worn as a short dress. It’s definitely in trend using black and white (which is hot for fall/winter as well as the stripes).  The fact the the stripes are diagonal is a plus because they’ll compliment your shape a lot better than just vertical and especially better than horizontal. It’s priced at a great value of $59.

DSCF0659This Black Leather jacket by Free People was another eye catcher. It’s retailed at $158.


DSCF0658 This lovely black coat is by Bar 3 and retails for $298 ( the most expensive item shown)  . I love the accent on the sleeves. The printed tee under the Black Coat is by Denim and Design $39.50. It’s a fairly new brand that’s described as cool “military chic”.  It’s paired with jeans for a comfortable look that still makes a statement.

Here are some close up pics of the shoes that were paired with the clothing.

DSCF0661 DSCF0662 DSCF0665

DSCF0663 20131024_190942

I’d love to have these black and gold studded boots as well as these open toe/open heel booties for work. :-) The shoes below come in black as well.


 This is Erica. She was our hostess for the evening. She’s in the Executive in Training Program and did a great job facilitating the Fall/Winter Meetup with us. 20131024_193028Here I am with our hostess Erica


We also had a chance to win 2 door prizes.20131024_180820Guess who one a prize???? 20131024_193739

We learned that only a few Macy’s in the Greater Houston Area have personal shoppers and this location actually has one. Her name is Deyna. That’s pretty cool.  Whenever I think of personal shoppers, I think of very high end stores.  So nice to know it’s this service is available for the everyday shopper as well.

More pictures of the Houston Fashion Bloggers having fun at our meetup below20131024_194902 IMG_20131024_211410

Jul 202012

The Houston Fashion Bloggers had a meetup on July 5, 2012 at Qwashae Boutique in Pearland, Texas. The event was a success! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers group Shasie took this awesome picture of us. :-)

I initially posted about Qwashae Boutique a few months ago when the Houston Fashion Bloggers covered the Spring 2012 Fashion Show.  It was so great I couldn’t cover it all in one post so I broke it down into a series.  I was super excited to be able to return to Qwashae Boutique and  really get a chance to see and try on the clothes. :-)
 When we walked in, we were greeted with this lovely set up and sign-in sheet.The champagne table

The staff at Qwashae Boutique were so welcoming and fun. They had an entire agenda set up for us with games and prizes included. :-) Vernetta of Women are Game Changers won a prize! One of the activities was to share with the group the message you receive from your Dove chocolate.  Check out what mine said below

We were able to explore the store and try on whatever we liked.

Check out how gorgeous Della Belle K of The BeautyBar924 looks in this dress.  We were all in awe!Melonie of Fashionably Forty and I.

Totally fell in love with this necklace!
This is a Paris Hilton style dress
It looked great on Kelly Ann Ho-Sang of Fault Line Fashion.

Nikki and I of NW Style & Co. *This picture was taken by Shasie *

Amarya of The Eye of Arms and I.  *This picture was taken by Shasie*

*Shasie took this picture*

Here I am playing with this pretty detachable skirt.  It’s such a great accessory that can be added to many different ensembles. :-)The owner Shekeina and I. *Shasie took this picture*
Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka came from Atalnta to hang with us. *Shasie took this picture*

Unfortunately when I pulled up I realized I forgot my camera. *screams* so a lot of these pictures aren’t nice quality.  Luckily, my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Shasie of Live Life In Style allowed me to use some of her pictures that she took with her cool camera. Thanks Shasie!! :-)

Jul 192012

 Left to Right:  Niala (of Magnolia Makeup) Faith, Lizzy, Angel, Anisa, Joda, and LeRenda Left to Right: Tia (of Magnolia Makeup) Faith, Lizzy, Angel, Anisa, Joda, LeRenda

I had the chance to have lunch with my fellow make up artists from Houston and the wonderful ladies of Magnolia Makeup!! It’s amazing how God can bring people into your life.  Most of us followed each other on different social media outlets but had never had the pleasure of meeting in real life.

While having lunch, of course we talked about make up.  We even had an impromptu make over done by Niala on Faith!! :-)

 Niala is applying Magnolia Makeup Lip Fix to Faith’s lips

In the above picture, Niala is teaching us how to make lip colors last longer.
Niala and Tia are a lot of fun to be around. Full of joy and just so down to earth. :-)
Niala, Me, and Tia
 Me, Lizzy, and Tia

If you’re not familiar with Magnolia Makeup, you REALLY need to check out this brand.  They have such great quality products at a great value.  Plus, it’s always nice to meet the people who actually created the brand.  It’s even better to find out that Niala and Tia are really good people who don’t have a problem taking out time to interact with their fellow make up artists, customers, and fans.  This was a super experience that I’ll never forget. :-)

Apr 152012

Owner Shakena inside of Qwashae Boutique

I attended the Qwashae Boutique Spring Fashion Show with my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Shalanda of Live Life In Style and Imani of Fashion By Faith Seekers at Pearland Town Center in Pearland, Texas.

From left to right:  Imani, Me, and Shalanda

The Qwashae Boutique Fashion Show took place in the middle of Pearland Town Center.The show was at 3pm.  It was an unusually windy and overcast today, but that didn’t stop the event.

Shakena welcoming the guests to the show.

The Fashion Show was separated into different segments. Casual, Work, and Cocktail/Evening, Bridal.  The show had a masquerade theme so the models had masks to accent their ensembles. :-)

One of the workers getting the models ready for the runway

Casual WearCheck out these open toe nude pumps.

I loved this two toned purple off the shoulder dress. These shoes were Red Hot! The dress below was a big hit.  Dresses with the short and long combo are definitely in this seasonI love the fact that Qwashae Boutique has a wide range of sizes for their apparel.  They go from 2-18. :-)  Look at how cute this model is.  This dress compliments her curves.  Look at the cool mask the model is wearing below.  Werk!!

Stay tuned for part 2.  Qwashae has such amazing pieces.  For more info on Qwashae Boutique, visit their website at qwashaeboutique.com

Mar 052012

My fellow Houston Bloggers and I attended a Meetup event sponsored by Addison Shoe Boutique, Langford Market & Wish Boutique, and Lush Cosmetics in Memorial City Mall on 2/26/12.

The staff supplied cute light refreshments.  Banana cupcakes and champagne. :-)

These accessories are from Langford Market and Wish Boutique which is located next door to Addison in Memorial City Mall.

This rack of clothing was also from Langford Market and Wish boutique.  They had great pieces to choose from.

We were allowed to put together an ensemble that reflected our own style.
Below is what I came up with

These shoes (from Addison) are Fabulous.

 The heels are just too high for me.  They come in another color as well.

Don’t you just love the lips! I guess it’s the make up artist in me that was so drawn to them. Ha ha! :-)

Here are my fellow Houston Bloggers checking out the products.

Below are pictures of other items in the store

The quality and details of these shoes are outstanding.

It was a great meet up.  Shout out to Shalanda of Live-Life-In-Style.com for organizing another super event for the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. :-)