Apr 202014

Everyone has their own way of setting up their workstation. I prefer to have my tools on top of some type of barrier instead of just on the table or counter. Lots of makeup artists use towels or paper towels/tissue. Well I happened to try something a little different and it’s worked out really well. :-) While walking down the Kroger Grocery Store aisle, this item caught my eye.Dish Drying Mat

It was only around $5.  I’ve been toying around the idea of purchasing a makeup place mat ever since going to NYFW.  I remember seeing a nice one at the Alcone store but I didn’t get it.  I’ve regretted it ever since.  It came in different colors and textures.  I don’t remember how much it was, but I think it was somewhere around $40…which is why I didn’t buy it.

dishmat on makeup table When I got home and opened it, I was pleasantly surprised at the size as well as how sturdy it is.  I’ve used it about 5 times now and I really like it.  It looks sooooo much better than using a random hand towel and definitely better than paper towels and tissues.  I love that it stays in place and it feels soft but strong.Workstation at Qwashae BoutiqueAbove is my workstation setup for a photoshoot a couple days ago at Qwashae Boutique.  Closeup of Workstation at Qwashae BoutiqueHere it is a bit closer.  Sorry it’s blurry. I was in a hurry trying to quickly snap a couple of shots before my clients came in.  The above picture is actually just a cropped version of the previous picture.  I didn’t think to take a close up at the time, but I wanted to show you that this dish mat is a nice size.

A quick selfie right before starting to do makeup. ;-)

Selfie in front of Qwashae Workstation

Apr 232013

I happened to walk down the cosmetic aisle of Kroger’s Grocery store and saw my sorority sister Melody. She told me about a new line of Maybelline lipsticks that were dupes for MAC lipsticks. She was looking to find dupes for Embrace Me and Candy Yum Yum. I was a bit hesitant because I’ve never tried Maybeline’s lip products.  When it comes to drugstore lippies, I’m a huge fan of Revlon.  I decided to go look anyway. While looking at the pinks, I happened to pickup a pretty purple called Brazen Berry.

Maybeline Brazen Berry Label

It was love at first sight. Now mind you, I had no intentions of buying any lipsticks. I was only supposed to be “looking”. Needless to say I went home with Brazen Berry. Here’s my review below.

Maybeline Brazen Berry

Maybeline Brazen Berry swatch

I’m in love with this lipstick.  It feels really, really good on my lips.

Maybeline Brazen Berry on lips

It’s not quite as hydrating as my beloved Revlon Lip Butters, but it feels creamier than MAC Cremesheen lipsticks.  The staying power is really good.  I put on Brazen Berry early this morning at around 7:30 and it lasted well after lunch.  I still had some color left on my lips, it just wasn’t as vibrant.  That’s a shocker! I was pleasantly surprised at the great quality and value (less than $6). I’d definitely recommend these and I’ll be purchasing more colors.

Feb 272013

Loreal perfecting base I purchased the Loreal Magic Perfecting Base last month when I saw it on sale at Kroger’s grocery store.  I’ve had my eye on this primer since 2011 when I saw my friend and fellow Makeup Artist Jennifer use it for a photoshoot.  The reason I hadn’t purchased it sooner is because it was a bit pricey.  Before last month, I hadn’t seen it cheaper than about $13.  That’s a lot to me, for a drugstore primer that I haven’t used before.

Loreal Primer on Krogers shelfHere’s a picture of it on sale at Kroger’s.  I started to get 2 of them, but since I hadn’t used it before, I decided to wait and try it out first.  I ended up waiting too long to try it and by the time I went back, the sale was over. :-(  I’m not sure why it was a close out sale because the product hasn’t been discontinued.  I even checked the packaging and it was the same as the ones that were regular priced.

Loreal Primer openedHere it is opened.  I like that it’s a pale pink color.  So cute and feminine. ;-p

Loreal Primer on handHere it is on my hand.  The consisitency is similiar to a thick gel.  When rubbed into the skin, it just melts and provides a barrier between your skin and the product. It feels similar to MAC Matte gel, but a bit thicker.

Overall, it’s not a bad product, especially for less than $7.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best primer I’ve ever used in my life, but I can tell the difference between wearing it versus when I don’t wear a primer at all.  My makeup blends better and my skin is definitely smoother.  I didn’t notice that much of a difference as far as controlling oil, but I don’t think this product is even geared towards absorbing oil so I can’t hold that against it.  Again, I’ll say I can notice a difference when I wear it versus nothing, but I do have to blot a few times throughout the day. I’m proud to report it didn’t leave a white film so it’s safe for women of color to wear without appearing ashy. *whew*

Even though I do like the color ( my favorite colors are pink and purple.)  I don’t like the jar.  I’d rather squeeze or pump out my primer.  Yes, I know with jars, you’re able to get all of your money’s worth by scraping everything out, but I prefer tubes and pumps because they’re more sanitary.  Unless I find it on sale, I probably wouldn’t buy it again.

Aug 242012

I discovered this beauty while browsing through the cosmetic section of H.E.B. grocery store last week.  It retails for only $1.99.  When I saw how pretty and vibrant this pink was I had to pick it up.  After reading that it was a matte lipstick, I was really happy because I’ve been looking for a bold pink lipstick for a while.  I want a lipstick that would be equivalent to M.A.C. Ruby woo…but pink.  (If ya’ll know of one please share it with me. ;-p)

There’s a lot of product in this tube for only $1.99 #winning!!!

This is a swatch of the lipstick with a flash

 This picture was taken without a flash

It goes on really smooth


So what are my thoughts?  I really like this lipstick.  It’s advertised to last up to 4hrs and I agree.  I didn’t have a problem with it lasting.  The only downside is that this lipstick is really not matte.  It reminds me more of a mixture between a MAC Amplified and Satin textures.  I LOVE the color though and for $1.99, I can deal with it not being as matte as I’d hoped.

I know Walgreens had Wet-n-Wild products on sale buy 2 get 1 free last week. I’m not sure when the sale ends though.  If you want to try out these Wet-n-Wild matte lipsticks…or any of their products, it would be a good idea to try them while they’re on sale. :-)


Aug 152012

I purchased the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains last month from H.E.B. when  all Revlon products on sale $3 off. (winning!!)

This post will focus on two of these colors. Darling Cherie and Lovesick Passionnee’.

You get a nice size amount of product in the container. 

Above are my bare lips. Below is me applying the Darling Cherie Balm Stain

The picture below was taken without a flash

Next up is Lovesick Pasionee’

Below I’m applying Lovesick Passionee’ to my lips

This color reminded me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop. So I decided to compare it.

Here are swatches of the two below

I blotted my lips a few times to give it more of the stained effect.

Then I applied the Lip Butter in Lollipop on top

So my conclusion is that I really like the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains.  I previously posted here, here, and here about how much I love the Revlon Lip Butters.  It’s nice to have similar colors but different textures.  Of course the Lip Butters are a lot more hydrating and glossy than the Balm Stains.  I really appreciate the fact that the Balm Stains still provide a bit of moisture unlike most stains that are extremely drying and can just be uncomfortable to wear.

Have you tried either of these products?

Jun 072012

Even though my favorite lashes are #7 from MAC, I don’t always want to spend that much ($15) on a pair of false lashes. So that’s why I like Ardell false lashes and the beauty supply store brand (which has no name by the way, just numbers. LOL!)

So can you guess how much these lashes cost? Only $1. #winning!!! :-) They add just the right amount of drama and glam with out being too over the top. I’ve worn these 3 times so far and they are still holding up well.

What’s your favorite brand of inexpensive false lashes?