Jul 292012

Because IMATS is geared towards makeup lovers and makeup professionals, there were plenty of demos with industry pros showing different pointers, techniques, and tips on how to apply makeup.

This post will focus on just some of the makeup demos I saw and captured with my camera. Of course there were many many more throughout the two days.

This is International makeup artist Anabel Vargas.  She taught a class on how to apply makeup to Women of Color.This is the closest I got to the finished look before leaving to attend Kabuki’s class.

Above is world renown  make up artist Kabuki. He was the Keynote speaker on Saturday afternoon. He showed us how he applies an applique to the face.  He actually handmade this one by starting off with sketches, then cutting out a pattern and lastly adding the jewels.  That’s an amazing skill. 
There were also several demos being done throughout the exhibit hall.  See below.Above is Sean of MUD doing a demo on Baltimore based make up artist Cynthia.Urban Decay launched their brand new foundation called Naked Skin and provided demos.

YouTube Makeup Tutorial Guru Tiffany D worked with Sigma and did make overs.It was cool to see her in real life do makeup on another person. :-)Eve Pearl also did makeup demos at her booth.  Her client looks happy with the results so far. :-)This is international celebrity makeup artist Rae Morris.  She did a class on “Timeless Makeup”.  She demonstrated great anti-aging techniques and showed us how some of the simplest of changes with filling in brows, contouring, and applying eyeliner/eyeshadow can either add on or take away years on a face.

Jul 132012

In Part 1 of my review of these brushes I told you how magnificent these brushes are.  They are so terrific that I couldn’t get everything all in one post so this is part 2 of my review of the new Royal and Langnickel Revolution brushes.

First up in the 2nd part of my review is the BX 145

I don’t have anything to compare this to.  It’s truly different from every other brush I have.  It’s designed to apply mascara to lashes with ease. I’m so happy to have it.The BX 60 is almost like a smaller version of the BX 55.  The bristles are soooo soft. I don’t have anything like this brush either.Here’s the BX 55 next to the BX 60. The next brush I want to show you is the BX 50.I would describe this brush as a flat shader brush that can be used for liquids, powders, and creams.  So it would be good for concealer and applying eye shadow.  I love the shape of it.  The bristles are longer than my other shader brushes.There are clear differences between the MAC 242 and the Revloution BX 50. The 242 brush is a lot shorter and more dense than the BX 50.Ok, so the pic doesn’t really show you, but the BX 50 is definitely thicker.  My 242 has gotten LOTS of use over the years so that’s why it looks like this. Ha ha!Next up is the BX 140.  It’s a combo brush for brows and lashes.

 I compared it to my Coastal Scents Lash Comb. The Coastal Scents brush handle is a lot longer. Again the Coastal Scents brush is bigger than the BX 140.  One of the biggest advantages of the BX140 is the ends of the metal is actually more round than pointy so you don’t get “injured” as easily. :-)Now when I initially saw this BX 130 brush at the booth, I thought it was just a regular angled liner brush like all of the others. Boy was I wrong.  
 It’s actually smaller than the MAC 208 brush which before getting the BX 130 was my smallest angle liner brush.

In conclusion, these brushes were one of the best investments I purchased while at IMATS LA.  Kevin James Bennet had 3 different brush sets available but they were sold out by the time I made it to the booth. :-(  I only picked 8 however I would’ve gladly taken one of each had my budget permitted it. ;-)

I will absolutely buy more of these brushes, probably at The Makeup Show in Orlando.  Thanks for reading!

Jul 102012

I asked you what was in the bag in the previous post.  Here’s the answer below. :-)

I purchased these brushes at IMATS LA a couple of weeks ago. I first learned about these brushes on Facebook from Kevin James Bennett.  He helped develop them based on his years of experience and research as well as interacting with other make up artists on their likes/dislikes of brushes.

 During his workshop on Event Makeup at IMATS LA, he discussed the importance of using proper tools with makeup application. He used a few of these above brushes in his application.  I was so intrigued throughout the class and couldn’t wait to get to the counter.  Once I got a chance to touch them…I was totally sold.  These brushes are incredible.  I mean, they’re fantastic.  They feel so good in your hand.  The handle is soft and not wooden or plastic.  It almost feels like a very sturdy rubber.  The ferule is titanium so it will last for years and years.  These brushes are extremely durable.

I love the fact that these brushes have flat bottoms.  I can stand them up!!! :-)I compared the BX 15 to what I felt was the closest brush I had to it and that was the MAC #109.  When I purchased this brush I knew it wasn’t like any other brushes I had but I just wanted to make sure.Yep, the BX 15 is different. This is the BX 35. How amazing is this brush? The only brush I own that comes close to this is the MAC 191The BX 35 is bigger and more dense than the MAC 191

Stay tuned to part 2 of my review of these new Royal and Langnickel Revolution Brushes…

Jul 082012

Can you guess what products I have in this bag?

As a hint, I purchased these items during IMATS LA a couple of weeks ago.  They’re being promoted by one of my favorite make up artists whose class I attended while I was there.  I also got the honor of meeting this makeup artist.


Stay tuned to find out my thoughts on this purchase. ;-)

Jul 022012

This post will focus on the education side of IMATS which was what I was most interested in.  There were several classes offered during this two day period.  Unfortunately a lot of them ran at the same time so I wasn’t able to attend them all.  The one I really hate I didn’t get to take was facilitated by Kim Kimble.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch her at another event.  *crosses fingers*

My favorite class hands down was Event Makeup taught by Emmy Award winning Make Up Artist Kevin James Bennett!!  I enjoyed his class so much that I was disappointed when it ended.

He explained/demonstrated how to do beautiful special event makeup.  He emphasized that even though many make up artists want to do editorial makeup, which is awesome, it just doesn’t happen as often as event makeup.  It’s crucial to be able to have the proper tools in order to execute these looks.  

I’ve been a huge fan of his for years. He gives so many resources through twitter, facebook, and his website In My Kit.  He was the first person I saw tell the truth about Mineral Makeup and how it’s not really as “pure” as it’s advertised to be. Because of him, I learned a couple of years ago that Elf HD powder is just as good as the expensive Make Up Forever HD powder. :-)

I actually got a chance to talk to him and tell him how much I’ve admired him over the years.  He was so humble, approachable, and down to earth.  That’s always a plus because honestly, he’s at a level where he doesn’t have to be.  This was one of the highlights of my IMATS experience. :-) 

My 2nd favorite class was the Eve Pearl Bridal class.  She has a great way of putting people at ease.  She uses humor and wit while educating.  She made it clear that she’s here to help make up artists become successful business people.  She gave great pointers/tips on how to do this.

She also had a booth set up for her products.

She was very friendly and open to talking to people.

My 3rd favorite class was by Eugenia Weston, famous for perfecting brows and her brow kits long before the more popular Anastasia.

She did a fantastic job of going through the last century and explaining the brow trends. Here are a couple of the slides from her presentation below.

She also showed before and after pictures of how to correct brow shapes.

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to meet Eugenia Weston, but I did enjoy her class.  I was trying to hurry and make it to the Keynote Speaker of the day.

These 3 classes were my favorite however I did attend others as well.  I didn’t want to overload you with too much. Ha ha!

Stay tuned for Part 4 of my IMATS LA 2012 experience in which I’ll focus on Special Effects Makeup.

Jul 012012

As I stated in Part 1 of this IMATS LA 2012 series, my 1st experience was absolutely incredible and far exceeded my expectations. :-)

I remember how anxious I was the night before. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited and determined not to over sleep. When I got to the Pasadena Convention Center, this is what I saw below.

Now what you don’t see is the fact that this line totally wraps around this huge building.

Once inside, you register and receive your bracelet that you need in order to enter the exhibit hall to shop and attend the workshops.

Then Oh Boy…The vendors with booths and many many many people.

Make Up Forever, Inglot, and NYX seemed to be the most popular.

This picture doesn’t really capture the reality of the crowds that were there.  Can you believe there were this many people as soon as the doors opened to the Exhibit Hall?  Wow!!

I purchased products from Inglot for my co-worker. Right before I received my products, a lady in front of me returned to the booth because her order was incorrect. She warned all of us to check our bags and receipts before leaving. I was so glad she gave us this warning because I was charged twice for the same eyeshadow. Take heed, due to how busy the workers are, it’s very common for them to make mistakes so ALWAYS check your products and receipt before walking away. I don’t believe it’s done on purpose, it’s just so much going on that it happens.

The only time I saw this booth calm was at the end of the show. LOL! People LOVE MUFE. :-) They’re line was the longest that I saw.  It was almost like a zig zag line.

I never quite understood why NYX stayed so busy.  The prices weren’t much different than what I normally see.  Some of the prices were even more expensive.  For instance, the lipglosses at IMATS LA were $4.  I see them regularly at different beauty supply stores here in Houston for $1.99.  I purchased 10 of them when they were on sale for a $1 a few months ago.  The Jumbo Pencils were either $3.25 or 3.50. I can’t remember for sure, but I do know that they usually range from $3.49-3.99 at H.E.B. Grocery Store. I stopped looking at prices after that.

I stopped by the Coastal Scents booth to see what specials they had going.  It didn’t seem as though they had good deals either.  They were mostly promoting their brand new 252 palette, which I almost got but put it back.  It retails for only $24.95.  There’s no way I can justify getting that palette.  It would’ve only been greed.  I don’t need anymore shadows especially from Coastal Scents.  I’m a huge fan of theirs and have so many palettes that I rarely use.  On a good note, they had a game that allowed you to play for free products!!!
Closer Look at the game. It reminds me of a mini Plinko from the Price Is Right. LOL! :-) I gave it a shot. I was hoping for a free bar of African Black Soap.I landed on these instead. Hey, I’m always open to getting free brushes.  It was better than getting a bumper sticker. Ha ha! :-)

Stay tuned for Part 3 in which I’ll focus on the educational side of IMATS and give an overview of the classes I attended. :-)