Dec 212012

The Houston Fashion Bloggers celebrated our one year anniversary with a holiday party sponsored by Saks on 12/7/12.


It was held at the very posh and chic 5115 restaurant inside of Saks Fith Avenue in the Houston Galleria Mall. This was actually my 1st time ever going there. It’s very nice. We even had a live piano player to set the mood. :-)



Our party was RSVP only and was well attended. We ended up having to implement a waiting list because so many people wanted to come. Unfortunately we weren’t able to accommodate everyone interested because there was a limit on how many people we could invite. It’s so nice to see how far we’ve come in just one year.



We donated proceeds to the Houston Area Women’s Center. Here’s a representative talking to us about the great things the center does for local women and children who are survivors or domestic violence.

Shalanda, the founder of the Houston Fashion Bloggers spoke to everyone and thanked them for participating in our celebration.

We had a raffle to help raise money for the Houston Area Women’s Center. With cool prizes!

Here are some of the winners below











There were models there to show us what was in trend for both women and men’s fashion.


I had a fantastic time mingling with my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers!!!





It was so nice to have local designers come out and support us. Below I’m with Carrie Ann of Carrie Ann Boutique and Nadia of Mon Venin. Excuse the blurry picture .

And of course a very special thanks to Chad who works for Saks. He’s been so great to the Houston Fashion Bloggers. He keeps us updated on all of the latest trends and events with Saks. He helped make this Holiday party a huge success!


Nov 192012

Last month, I attended a Le Metier de Beaute event at Saks Galleria with my two fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Shasie and Taylor. We met with the manager, Shawn, and his employees James and Dorita to learn about the brand and the benefits of using their products.

Light refreshments and cocktails were available for us.

Shawn, provided full makeovers for Taylor and Shasie. They were very pleased with their looks.

I’ve heard great things about Le Metier de Beaute’ but until this event, I’d never had the chance to really play with the products. Below I’m holding the Foundation. It retails at $68.

Shasie instantly fell in love with this foundation. She said her skin felt smooth and she could really tell how hydrated and even she looked. She also said it felt lightweight. I had the opportunity to test the Kaleidoscope kits which retails at $95. Above I’m holding the face kit. Below is a closer look.

The shadows are very silky, smooth, and blendable; however, you do have to build them up a bit to get a bold effect. The kaliedescope eyeshadows on the counter below are limited editions. The regular single shadows are $30. See below

There was a lip kaleidoscope as well. See below  The Lip colors are very moisturizing.

Le Metier de Beaute also has a skin care line.

  1. The Daily Renew Cleanser retails at $50.  It gently cleanse, exfoliates, and removes makeup to help skin appear more radiant and smooth
  2. Daily Refresh Tonic retails at $50.  It’s alcohol free and works to improve skin color and tone.  It also rebalances and reconditions the skin.
  3. Replenishing Daily Solution retails at $225. It is a moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 and works to hydrate, protect, and soothe.

 Above Shawn and Dorita are explaining the skincare line to a customer

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with Shawn but I did get one with Dorita.  She was very nice and helpful in educating me about Le Metier De Beaute products. :-)

Oct 042012


My fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Sarah Shah took this picture.  Thanks Sarah!!! :-D

I had opportunity to attend Great Day Houston with hostess Debra Duncan on Tues 10/2/12. For those of you not in the Houston Area, Debra Duncan is a local celebrity who has her own TV show that airs Mon-Fri 9am-10. She has a wide variety of topics and guest on her show. She also does a great job interacting with her audience.  The show is taped at the TV Station KHOU 11 which is a CBS affiliate station.

We arrived at 8am to get info and to prep for the live taping of the show. The director and producers gave directions as well as explained the shows policies and procedures.After going through security we waited a little while to go inside the show.

  We weren’t able to take pics during the show but I was able to capture a few right before we started.

There was a guest giving recommendations on great wine under $10.  He even found one at Trader Joe’s for $2.99 that he referred to as 2 Buck Chuck. LOL! Gonna have to try it. :-)

After the show, Debra Duncan mingled and took pictures with the audience members.

Above is Debra Duncan with Houston Fashion Blogger Sarah and Houston Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake with his parents and models

Unfortunately, I missed my chance to take a picture with Debra Duncan when I went back to the green room to meet the guest. :-( Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to go on the show.  I did however get to talk to her live on tv so that’s pretty cool!!! :-)  See the clip here. 

The first guest I was able to meet was Houston Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake.  I’m so glad I got a chance to talk to him because he was debuting his Spring 2013 Clothing line the next day.  I wouldn’t have known about it or gotten the opportunity to go had I not been at the show.

I was also able to see up close the Valobra jewelry that was used to accessorize his pieces on the show.  These pictures don’t do them justice.  Just to give you a hint of how gorgeous and expensive they were, they came with their own bodyguard who was standing next to the items as we looked at them. I should’ve taken a picture, but I didn’t think about it at the time.  Ha ha ha!  He was on the stage while the show was being taped.  Debra even gave him a shout out. LOL!

These beautiful pieces are from Temple Street by the lovely Ana Mae.  She was so sweet.  She’d already put up her jewelry but brought it back out  just so I could take pictures. :-)

Last but not least is a picture with my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Sarah and Valerie.  Sarah made it possible for me to be able to come to the show as well as go to the green room.  Thank so much Sarah for everything.  :-)

Sep 052012

I attended a preview event of what’s in store for tomorrow’s Houston Fashion Night Out at the Houston Galleria.

It was held in the Monarch Room of the Westin Galleria Hotel

Bloggers entering the room

View from the inside after walking in.

Once we walked in, we were greeted and then allowed to look at the pieces that would be displayed over the next couple of days during Simon Fashion Night Out. :-)

A select group of Houston Area Bloggers attended the “invite only” 1st annual Simon Fashion Now Before The Runway show.

For the very first of it’s kind in the area, there was a great turn out.

A group of bloggers taking time to pose before the show.

We were on the 24th floor so I just had to take pics of my view.

If you look closely, you will be able to see Macy’s and Nordstrom’s below.

 To get the party started, there was a DJ and light refreshments with Champagne.

I had to get a quick pic on the red carpet before the show started. LOL! :-)

Almost time for the models to hit the runway.  The server was bringing around refreshments and Bloggers were getting ready.

There was a Q&A session after the runway show with the  VP of Special Events for Simon, Jackie Ellis and Stylist Leslie.   They gave us great info on the 2012 Fall trends.

Navy will be big.  Reds and wines will be popular as well.  Leather, fur, and animal print will be seen a lot and used in different ways to accent other pieces.

After the show we stayed around to mingle.  Below is a picture of me with a local make up artist whose work I really admire, Steven Cole of Cole Colors.

We follow each other on twitter.  It was nice to meet him in real life.  Very stylish and full of energy.  He’s coming out with a line of lip glosses next year. I can’t wait to try them.  I’m all about supporting my fellow Houston makeup artists. :-)

Here I am with my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Tomekia and Wanda.

Above, I’m with Houston Fashion Blogger Roquelle

Aug 222012

A select number of Houston area bloggers were invited to attend a special luncheon with Veronica of the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau. She and Ameerah of Avie Prince Events put together a very nice presentation for us to get to know a bit more about Dallas.
I ordered the Filet Mignon with mixed veggies and mashed potatoes.  The flavor was ok.  Wasn’t seasoned as well as it was described on the menu.  My Filet was shockingly disappointing.  Perry’s is an upscale and well-known Steak house in Houston, however my Filet wasn’t as tender as I would’ve expected.

The desert trio however was pretty good.  I normally don’t like Creme Brulee’, but this one was actually good and I ate all of it. :-) There was a very cute little chocolate truffle that was even better than the Creme Brulee’.  The 3rd item was a piece of cheesecake that was better than what I expected. Unlike most people I know, I’m not a cheesecake fan.  I liked the consistency of this one though so it worked well for me.(it wasn’t mushy)

Due to time constraints, it was set up as a working lunch, but still very professional and accommodating.  Below we are listening to Veronica speak about all of the new attractions Dallas has to offer.

Veronica explained to us how much Dallas is really working to improve the city to be more diverse and tourist friendly.  They’ve invested over $14million in  marketing and revamping neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, night life, arts, parks and recreation, etc.

Above is a picture of me with Veronica.

Ameerah and Veronica had cute goodie bags set up for us when we walked in the private room. :-)

Sarah was such a great helper and passed out the bags to us. :-)

 Below are Shasie, Veronica, and Lynne

Above are Dominque and Priya (foodie bloggers)

Sarah, Me, and Vernetta

 Be sure to check out for all of the awesome attractions the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau has put in place and is working on in the near future.


Jul 202012

The Houston Fashion Bloggers had a meetup on July 5, 2012 at Qwashae Boutique in Pearland, Texas. The event was a success! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers group Shasie took this awesome picture of us. :-)

I initially posted about Qwashae Boutique a few months ago when the Houston Fashion Bloggers covered the Spring 2012 Fashion Show.  It was so great I couldn’t cover it all in one post so I broke it down into a series.  I was super excited to be able to return to Qwashae Boutique and  really get a chance to see and try on the clothes. :-)
 When we walked in, we were greeted with this lovely set up and sign-in sheet.The champagne table

The staff at Qwashae Boutique were so welcoming and fun. They had an entire agenda set up for us with games and prizes included. :-) Vernetta of Women are Game Changers won a prize! One of the activities was to share with the group the message you receive from your Dove chocolate.  Check out what mine said below

We were able to explore the store and try on whatever we liked.

Check out how gorgeous Della Belle K of The BeautyBar924 looks in this dress.  We were all in awe!Melonie of Fashionably Forty and I.

Totally fell in love with this necklace!
This is a Paris Hilton style dress
It looked great on Kelly Ann Ho-Sang of Fault Line Fashion.

Nikki and I of NW Style & Co. *This picture was taken by Shasie *

Amarya of The Eye of Arms and I.  *This picture was taken by Shasie*

*Shasie took this picture*

Here I am playing with this pretty detachable skirt.  It’s such a great accessory that can be added to many different ensembles. :-)The owner Shekeina and I. *Shasie took this picture*
Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka came from Atalnta to hang with us. *Shasie took this picture*

Unfortunately when I pulled up I realized I forgot my camera. *screams* so a lot of these pictures aren’t nice quality.  Luckily, my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Shasie of Live Life In Style allowed me to use some of her pictures that she took with her cool camera. Thanks Shasie!! :-)