Sep 102013

DSCF9901I attended the Simon Fashion Now Fashion Show this past Thursday for the 1st time and it was a great experience!  Cadillac does a fantastic job of sponsoring this fashion event inside of the Houston Galleria.IMG_20130906_004123


     I actually got a chance to see the Ice Skating Rink being turned into the venue the night before, right after leaving the Simon Fashion Now Blogger Preview Party. 

2013-09-04 20.05.03-12013-09-04 20.07.08

2013-09-04 20.07.29

Below is the check-in booth where you received your wristband for entry to the show.


 After getting our wristband upstairs, we went downstairs to wait to enter.



 While waiting, we were able to take pictures with Smile Booth in front of the step and repeat.

DSCF9907smile booth collage The entrance was really pretty. It’s hard to believe that this space is usually an ice skating rink.


DSCF9910DSCF9911 Once inside, we saw a very swanky and posh set up. DSCF9913 DSCF9915DSCF9914 DSCF9917We had complimentary hors d’oeuvres

DSCF9934 DSCF9937As well as drinks sponsored by Grey Goose.DSCF9919DSCF9926 DSCF9940 My favorite was the Strawberry Rhubarb drink. ;-)DSCF9942 There were models displaying the clothing as we mixed and mingled.DSCF9923 DSCF9924 DSCF9930 DSCF9952 DSCF9953DSCF9932 It was like getting a preview of what was to come. :-)

Another one of the sponsors and vendors was Same Sky.  100% of the net proceeds of this jewelry line go to women in Rwanda to support their “trade-not-aid” initiative.

DSCF9933 DSCF9931The show started off with a short video giving the story behind Same Sky. Here are screen shots from the show highlighting Same Sky below.DSCF9955 DSCF9956 DSCF9957 DSCF9958 DSCF9959 After the video, the founder of Same Sky, Francine LeFrak came out to speak to the audience.
DSCF9962 DSCF9963

Next was a bit of a surprise. There appeared to be a boy band singing Justin Timberlake’s “Bringing Sexy Back”. Then the models started walking out from Saks Fifth Avenue. Basically Saks had live entertainment for the models to strut down the runway. It turned out to be pretty cool.DSCF9968DSCF9973DSCF9974DSCF9975DSCF9976 DSCF9977 DSCF9978 DSCF9979 DSCF9980 DSCF9985 Max Mara was next DSCF9992DSCF9994DSCF9996DSCF9997DSCF0003 DSCF0004Fendi had some amazing textures, designs, and shoes in their show.DSCF0015 DSCF0018 DSCF0019 DSCF0023 DSCF0027DSCF0031There was more live entertainment during the Jimmy Choo  showDSCF0034DSCF0042DSCF0046DSCF0048 DSCF0049Carolina Hererra had gorgeous gownsDSCF0067DSCF0068DSCF0070 Next up was FerragamoDSCF0080This pair of boots looks great in both white and blackDSCF0083 DSCF0086

Sep 062013


A select number of Houston area bloggers were invited to attend the Simon Fashion Now Blogger Preview Party 2013 held at the Houston Galleria Westin Oaks Hotel.  This was my 2nd year in a row attending and I enjoyed myself just as much this year as I did last year.

DSCF9895Houston Fashion Blogger Taylor and I taking a cute picture
DSCF9803 Me in front of the Step and Repeat

 It’s so cool to be able to see what the designers will be showcasing throughout the week before the shows actually begin. It made me feel special. ;-P Below are pictures of the racks displaying the Fall 2013 Trends.  The models will be wearing these pieces throughout the week.

DSCF9889 DSCF9891 DSCF9890

DSCF9882 DSCF9883 DSCF9884 This leather jacket really stood out to me. The Fall 2013 trends will include details, designs and textures.

Swatch is one of the sponsors for Simon Fashion Now. These watches are cute. DSCF9881 DSCF9880

Outerwear is going to be big as well. We saw different ways to make your look stand out using jackets and coats. DSCF9877 DSCF9878My favorite trend of the night was mixing Black and White. DSCF9875DSCF9876

Here are some pictures of the bloggers getting settled in their seats and being served by the waitstaff before the fashion show started.DSCF9806 DSCF9807 DSCF9811

We were given an intro by Jackie, the Simon Fashion Now Tour Coordinator and Leslie the Houston area Coordinator.

DSCF9816 DSCF9817 Jackie informed us that this is the 6th year of the Simon Fashion Now Tour.  The purpose of the tour is to celebrate the accessibility of affordable and luxury fashion on a local level.  They want to have events for consumers that weren’t as intimidating as NYFW.

There was also a Q & A segment at the end of the show.  Here are some of the highlights on what to expect or Fall 2013 Trends.

  1. Forget about the myth, “Don’t where white after Labor Day”, because white is definitely in and chic.
  2. The colors from Spring to Fall are more transitional than drastic so you’ll still see a lot of bold colors like all shades of green, blues, and reds.
  3. Being a professional makeup artist. I was more interested in beauty trends. So I asked what was going to be in for makeup and hair. Jackie said definitely red, burgundy, and plum lips. For hair, majority of models have slick ponytails in order to prevent distractions from the clothing.
  4. Leslie says hats will be a huge accessory, especially with designs, details, and feathers.
  5. Studded apparel will also be big this season
  6. Statement coats, shoes, and small handbags (particularly wristlets), scarves, and black and white watches.
  7. For shoes: heels will have a variety of heights and shapes. Leslie pointed out that we need to pay attention to the designs on the heels for the Fall not just the front of the toe. Designers have been getting more and more creative with the heels.

Here are pictures from the runway show CheChDSCF9818 Check out the details of these shoes
DSCF9820 DSCF9821 DSCF9822

I absolutely LOVED this black and white look Model Mariah is wearingDSCF9824 DSCF9825 DSCF9826 DSCF9827I really liked this studded bag

DSCF9828Next is the statement coat with cute booties.DSCF9829 DSCF9830DSCF9831Don’t worry fellas. You weren’t forgotten. The male model is wearing a detailed jacket with a red (one of the hot fall colors) shirtDSCF9836 DSCF9838

This 3D lazer cut out leather jacket that the model below is wearing was my favorite single item. I really, really want it. It’s the perfect leather jacket for Houston’s climate.DSCF9844 DSCF9846 Oh and look at these Alexander McQueen studded ankle boots. Yeeeessss!!!!DSCF9848

Apr 022013



Oh how I love being a Beauty Blogger!!!

I went to Saks in the Houston Galleria Mall to attend a Beauty event for Ioma Cosmetics but ended up learning about a new fragrance counter named Le Labo.


Le Labo has previously been very exclusive. Saks in the Houston Galleria Mall has the only counter in Texas. They are based on custom made fragrances and is the only counter in Saks with absolutely no boxes of perfume on the shelves. All fragrances are handmade at the counter and freshly made for customers. They also make body moisturizers and candles


They don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. Most of Le Labo’s business is due to repeat customers & word of mouth. They don’t use fancy packaging because the focus is on customized fragrance and their customers having a great experience. They even have a recycling program. If you bring back your container, you get 20% off for recycling. That’s pretty cool!

I was extremely impressed with the way the trainer, Benoit, and the workers took time to educate me on the fragrances, chemistry, ingredients, notes, and a bit of chemistry. :-) Benoit explained how so many of us associate fragrances with memories. This makes an impression & influenced what we tend to like/dislike.
–example: you may hate amber b/c the smell reminds you of a perfume your mean teacher used to wear.





They believe every fragrance has a “recipe”. The workers use a scale to measure the correct amount of ingredients. I was able to have the full experience of the process of making a custom fragrance.


















Everything is individualized for customers, even the packaging. They make the labels at the counter for each bottle. This makes the products work great as gifts!









The price range is estimated around $125-$220

There will be a big event at Saks in May in which the creator of Le Labo will be here.

Feb 202013

2013-02-15 20.20.21

This weekend I worked with the incredible celebrity make up artist AJ Crimson and his makeup team at LeToya Luckett’s Lady L Boutique in the Houston Galleria Mall. We were a part of the Glam Slam Beauty Suite event that allowed clients to get a total makeover in one location. Teams were led by celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright, Celebrity Lash Guru Jamaal Buster, and Celebrity Manicurists Skyye.

2013-02-17 12.38.20Above I’m with AJ Crimson wearing his Limited Edition Allstar Weekend Kissable Couture Lip Colors. I created a blue ombre lip. Below I’m with Platinum recording artist LeToya Luckett.2013-02-16 00.31.44

Words can’t express how grateful I was that AJ Crimson selected me to be a part of his makeup team.  This experience was spectacular! I was able to become more familiar with his Kissable Couture Lip Colors. I was introduced to his pressed powders. I also got to really work with the AJ Crimson Creme Foundations (which I reviewed a couple months ago here).  We provided makeovers Fri-Sun.

2013-02-15 11.51.45Above is a picture of my makeup station set up. Below is a picture of AJ’s makeup station set up. Ha ha! I’ve got a long way to go. ;-p2013-02-15 11.56.10

Below is Faith all ready to make up clients.2013-02-15 11.51.53

2013-02-15 15.04.50I’m holding the brand new AJ Crimson CCC palette.  It’s a convenient compact with all 8 shades of his Creme Foundation. I’d highly recommend it for makeup artist who want great foundation in a condensed form.  I’d also recommend it for makeup lovers who want to have versatility with creating looks.  You can do your overall skin color, highlight, contour, add cheek color, do lips, etc… So many options with this product.

2013-02-15 11.52.06Here are the Kissable Couture Lip Colors and AJ Crimson Creme Foundations and Pressed Powders. I really, really like his lip colors.  They range from sheer glosses to liquid lipsticks.  They all feel very comfortable on your lips without being too sticky or tacky.  My favorite is Fantasies, which I purchased 2 tubes at The Makeup Show Orlando.  It’s a beautiful red…but they’re currently out of stock so we didn’t use it for the event. :-(2013-02-16 00.33.35Here is Aj doing a lip demo

My Purple Lip Demo Above I’m giving one of my clients a Purple Lip Demo using AJ Crimson Kissable Couture Limited Edition Allstar Weekend Purple with the regular Kissable Couture lipgloss in Tyler applied in the middle for an extra pop. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda b4 and after kissable couture lip demoMy client posted this on her instagram. :-)

I'm in the background working. ;-p

This picture was taken from Christina Milian’s Instagram. I’m in the background working. ;-p

This is my client who was in the chair in the above picture. She posted this on her instagram. I just love seeing my clients happy with their makeovers. :-)


2013-02-16 00.32.39

This was taken from another one of my client's instagram. I used AJ's creme foundation #8 to create that gorgeous contoured cheek.

This was taken from another one of my client’s instagram. I used AJ’s creme foundation #8 to create that gorgeous contoured cheek.

Below I’m using AJ Crimson Kissable Couture Limited Edition AllStar Weekend Lip colors in Blue and Purple to create Shasie’s lip. These pictures are courtesy of my fellow MUA Faith. :-)

Giving Shasie a blue purple lip729648_10100692549911828_980248867_oShasie's blue purple lip completeBeautyByLeRenda with Shasie and her Kissable Couture Purple Blue lip

I created this pretty Kissable Couture Lip Combo on Hairstylist Kierra.

I created this pretty Kissable Couture Lip Combo on Hairstylist Kierra.  She worked with Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright’s team.

My favorite kissable couture lip demo was on Valerie. I used 3 of the Limited Edition Allstar Weekend colors. Blue as the lip liner, Green as the main color, and light blue/teal in the middle.

My favorite kissable couture lip demo was on Valerie. I used 3 of the Limited Edition Allstar Weekend colors. Blue as the lip liner, Green as the main color, and light blue/teal in the middle. 2013-02-17 14.46.42

I had the opportunity to use the AJ Crimson Creme Foundations and the Kissable Couture Lipgloss in Mysterious on Love and Hip Hop star Raqi.

I had the opportunity to use the AJ Crimson Creme Foundations and the Kissable Couture Lipgloss in Mysterious on Love and Hip Hop star Raqi.

2013-02-16 18.58.56This is a picture of me with the uber fab Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright! She works wonders with hair. :-) Faith did her makeup and used the Limited Edition Allstar Weekend Orange lip color.

So happy to have finally met Jamaal Buster, Lash Guru to the stars. He is so fabulous and his lashes will change your life. :-)

So happy to have finally met Jamaal Buster, Lash Guru to the stars. He is so fabulous and his lashes will change your life. :-)

This Jamal Buster bag is too cute!

This Jamal Buster bag is too cute! I just adore his packaging.

OMG! These lashes are amazing!!

OMG! These lashes are amazing!! Can’t wait to try them on my clients.

I learned a new technique from Jamaal and his team this weekend. Instead of waving the lashes back and forth while you’re waiting for the glue to get tacky, just use a small hand held fan to quickly dry the glue.  He’s a genius! I’ve been doing makeup for 6yrs now, this has never crossed my mind. Totally going to get a little fan for my kit now. :-)

Yay! I met YouTube Beauty Guru Ateya. She was one of the first people I followed on YouTube years ago. She's super sweet in person.

Yay! I met YouTube Beauty Guru Ateya. She was one of the first people I followed on YouTube years ago. She’s super sweet in person.

Be sure to watch the video above the title of this post to see footage of this phenomenal beauty event. Shout out to Charles and Brittany  of Ambient Noir and Coeus Magazine for the great footage. :-)



Nov 192012

Last month, I attended a Le Metier de Beaute event at Saks Galleria with my two fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Shasie and Taylor. We met with the manager, Shawn, and his employees James and Dorita to learn about the brand and the benefits of using their products.

Light refreshments and cocktails were available for us.

Shawn, provided full makeovers for Taylor and Shasie. They were very pleased with their looks.

I’ve heard great things about Le Metier de Beaute’ but until this event, I’d never had the chance to really play with the products. Below I’m holding the Foundation. It retails at $68.

Shasie instantly fell in love with this foundation. She said her skin felt smooth and she could really tell how hydrated and even she looked. She also said it felt lightweight. I had the opportunity to test the Kaleidoscope kits which retails at $95. Above I’m holding the face kit. Below is a closer look.

The shadows are very silky, smooth, and blendable; however, you do have to build them up a bit to get a bold effect. The kaliedescope eyeshadows on the counter below are limited editions. The regular single shadows are $30. See below

There was a lip kaleidoscope as well. See below  The Lip colors are very moisturizing.

Le Metier de Beaute also has a skin care line.

  1. The Daily Renew Cleanser retails at $50.  It gently cleanse, exfoliates, and removes makeup to help skin appear more radiant and smooth
  2. Daily Refresh Tonic retails at $50.  It’s alcohol free and works to improve skin color and tone.  It also rebalances and reconditions the skin.
  3. Replenishing Daily Solution retails at $225. It is a moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 and works to hydrate, protect, and soothe.

 Above Shawn and Dorita are explaining the skincare line to a customer

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with Shawn but I did get one with Dorita.  She was very nice and helpful in educating me about Le Metier De Beaute products. :-)