Mar 082014

The 2nd Show I worked on was for designer Ernest Alexander. He’s based in NYC and proudly manufactures 100% of  his line in the USA, with most pieces being made in the Garment District.  When I walked into the studio, he was actually one of the 1st people I met as I walked in the room. That was awesome!  He’s so nice and appreciative of all of the people who worked with him on his show. :-)

2014-02-05 17.16.37How cool is this car with the designer’s name on it? :-) IMG_20140205_232900Check out all of the snow that was shoved to the side. *whew*20140205_171312 I love how they went all out with the fashion.  Even with the cars.  I’m guessing Cadillac was one of the sponsors for the show.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to assist Key Makeup Artist Monae Everett. This was another Men’s Wear Fashion Show.  Here she is in action. Monae was showing us the look for the show.  IMG_20140205_142217 Beauty Blender reps came by to supply us with tools to use on the models.  You’ll notice she’s using a Beauty Blender in the picture.   Evolution Man was a sponsor for the makeup team.  Here are the products we used backstage on the models.

2014-02-05 14.09.57

Here’s my very condensed makeup station

These guys were a lot of fun to work with and had great personalities. I even met one model who moved from Houston not too long ago. Here are two of the models I worked with below. 2014-02-05 15.01.152014-02-05 15.24.31 Here’s more behind the scenes action.  2014-02-05 16.11.242014-02-05 16.53.142014-02-05 16.53.542014-02-05 16.55.422014-02-05 16.55.512014-02-05 16.59.16  Below is an #Usie with two of my fellow glam squad members Shrini, and Danielle.  Check out the model behind us doing a photobomb. LOL! :-D2014-02-05 15.55.56-1

Stay tuned for more of my experiences during NYFW 2014.  Also if you missed the 1st part click here. :-)

Feb 282014

WOW! Would be the short and sweet version of my 1st New York Fashion Week experience, however, I’m sure you’d prefer actual details of my trip. LOL! :-)

NYC Selfie at the Park with Snow 1 I had to take selfies with the snow in the background because before this trip, I’d never been in real snow. :-)NYC Selfie in the park with snow 2 By the way, I’m wearing MAC Lipstick in Sin. It’s a Pro color.  It lasted all day! Like, for real. I took it off before I went to sleep that night.  I tried it on at the MAC Pro Soho store and kept it on.

MAC Pro Selfie

I almost got it, but it’s so close to Diva.  I really couldn’t justify buying it. Here are swatches below.  The Beauty Blogger in me couldn’t resist doing a product review while I was in NYC. LOL! :-)MAC Sin Lipstick Label

MAC Sin vs Diva Hand Swatches

Me in front of the MAC Pro Sign I was on my way to work on a photoshoot with UK Designer Blessed Zion. This explains why I’m at the store with my Zuca and my bag. You know, just in case you were wondering.  Ha ha ha! :-P

Now back to talking about New York Fashion Week. I was blessed to be able to work on 4 fashion shows while in NYC. I almost did 5, but due to the snow on Sunday, the promoter felt it would be best to cancel it. So we did a photoshoot instead.

The 1st show I worked on was on 2/4/14. I assisted Celeb Makeup Artist AJ Crimson who was the Key for the Michael Bastian Show. It was a Mens Wear show and I had a great time. AJ Crimson Michael Bastian TeamAbove is a picture of the AJ Crimson Glam Squad for the Michael Bastian Show. Here are a few behind the scenes shots I took. 2014-02-04 13.02.52The hair and makeup team getting prepared for the models to come in.
2014-02-04 13.00.31Above is my makeup station set up. :-) Below is a picture of the models, and designer team getting the guys ready for the runway
2014-02-04 15.43.55

Muji was one of the sponsors for the makeup team.  They provided these amazing masks for skin prep.  I forgot to take a picture of them, but they’re really small; like the size of a nickle.  Once you wet them, they expand and you just peel it a part and place it on the face for a few minutes.  It provides instant hydration to the skin and makes it smooth and ready for makeup.   Below is a picture of AJ showing us how to use the Muji Masks.2014-02-04 13.12.452014-02-04 13.14.342014-02-04 13.14.46After the time is up for the mask, he sprayed Caudalie Beauty Elixir (also one of the sponsors for the Makeup Team). Then he perfected the skin with his AJ Crimson Creme Foundation
2014-02-04 13.18.20 Here are a couple of the looks from the show below.

Behind the scenes at the Michael Bastian NYFW 2014 show

Behind the scenes at the Michael Bastian NYFW 2014 show

2014-02-04 15.44.10

Michael Bastian NYFW Behind the Scenes

Michael Bastian NYFW Behind the Scenes

I have so much to share with you all. It’s hard for me to know when to stop so that I don’t overload you in one post.  I’m still trying to decide just how many parts I’m going to break up this series into.  In the meantime, I’ll stop here for the 1st part.  Make sure to stay tuned to find out more about my 1st experience working at NYFW!!! :-)

Sep 102013

DSCF9901I attended the Simon Fashion Now Fashion Show this past Thursday for the 1st time and it was a great experience!  Cadillac does a fantastic job of sponsoring this fashion event inside of the Houston Galleria.IMG_20130906_004123


     I actually got a chance to see the Ice Skating Rink being turned into the venue the night before, right after leaving the Simon Fashion Now Blogger Preview Party. 

2013-09-04 20.05.03-12013-09-04 20.07.08

2013-09-04 20.07.29

Below is the check-in booth where you received your wristband for entry to the show.


 After getting our wristband upstairs, we went downstairs to wait to enter.



 While waiting, we were able to take pictures with Smile Booth in front of the step and repeat.

DSCF9907smile booth collage The entrance was really pretty. It’s hard to believe that this space is usually an ice skating rink.


DSCF9910DSCF9911 Once inside, we saw a very swanky and posh set up. DSCF9913 DSCF9915DSCF9914 DSCF9917We had complimentary hors d’oeuvres

DSCF9934 DSCF9937As well as drinks sponsored by Grey Goose.DSCF9919DSCF9926 DSCF9940 My favorite was the Strawberry Rhubarb drink. ;-)DSCF9942 There were models displaying the clothing as we mixed and mingled.DSCF9923 DSCF9924 DSCF9930 DSCF9952 DSCF9953DSCF9932 It was like getting a preview of what was to come. :-)

Another one of the sponsors and vendors was Same Sky.  100% of the net proceeds of this jewelry line go to women in Rwanda to support their “trade-not-aid” initiative.

DSCF9933 DSCF9931The show started off with a short video giving the story behind Same Sky. Here are screen shots from the show highlighting Same Sky below.DSCF9955 DSCF9956 DSCF9957 DSCF9958 DSCF9959 After the video, the founder of Same Sky, Francine LeFrak came out to speak to the audience.
DSCF9962 DSCF9963

Next was a bit of a surprise. There appeared to be a boy band singing Justin Timberlake’s “Bringing Sexy Back”. Then the models started walking out from Saks Fifth Avenue. Basically Saks had live entertainment for the models to strut down the runway. It turned out to be pretty cool.DSCF9968DSCF9973DSCF9974DSCF9975DSCF9976 DSCF9977 DSCF9978 DSCF9979 DSCF9980 DSCF9985 Max Mara was next DSCF9992DSCF9994DSCF9996DSCF9997DSCF0003 DSCF0004Fendi had some amazing textures, designs, and shoes in their show.DSCF0015 DSCF0018 DSCF0019 DSCF0023 DSCF0027DSCF0031There was more live entertainment during the Jimmy Choo  showDSCF0034DSCF0042DSCF0046DSCF0048 DSCF0049Carolina Hererra had gorgeous gownsDSCF0067DSCF0068DSCF0070 Next up was FerragamoDSCF0080This pair of boots looks great in both white and blackDSCF0083 DSCF0086

Apr 162013

Fashion Week NO SignI had the honor of working as one of the makeup artist on the Glam Squad with Key Makeup Artist Niala Howard, of Magnolia Makeup, a couple of weeks ago for Fashion Week New Orleans.  The event took place at The Sugar Mill from 3/21-3/24.

Below are behind the scenes pictures. As a disclaimer, I didn’t bring my camera with me to work so I had to use my phone to capture all of my pics for this post.

FWNO Backstage 1FWNO Stage B4 Show

FWNO Designer Looks Day 2FWNOLA MUA looking at looks wall Above are the runway looks for the designers on Day 2 of Fashion Week New Orleans.  One of my favorite looks on this day was the Purple Smokey Eye and neutral lip.  Here’s one of the models I created this look on below.

FWNO 1st Model Purple smokey eyeFWNO 1st Model Purple smokey eye down

This was the Glam Squad Room Makeup Artist Room.

FWNO Glam Squad Room

FWNO My Neat MU StationSo yeah, my makeup station began very nice and neat, but by the end of each day it would look more like the picture below.

FWNO Makeup Table End of day 2Sorry for the blurry picture.

FWNO Designer Line up Day 2Above is the list for the Designers and Models. This line up was very helpful in knowing what order to makeup the models.  Many of them walked for multiple designers so we had to make sure we did the right look at the right time.

Here’s a picture of me with one of my fellow Glam Squad Makeup Artists Phoenix.

FWNO Me with Phoenix

One of my favorite looks from Day 3 was a Strong Brow with natural glowing skin. See below the look I created on one of my models. FWNO Strong Brow look 1FWNO Strong brown look 2

One of the designers requested a natural look with bronzed glowing skin.  Here I am with one of the models I created the look on below.FWNOLA With natural look bronzed glow modelFWNOLA natural look bronzed glow

Another look I really enjoyed creating was the classic red lip with winged liner

FWNO Red lip soft smokey eye winged liner 1st modelMy fellow makeup artist, Phoenix captured a pic of me working on the model above. :-) 2013-03-23 23.25.14

FWNOLA Me with my modelHere’s another one of my models I created a red lip with winged liner on.  She posted this cute pic of us on Instagram. :-)

One of the ladies working with Fashion Week New Orleans wanted her makeup done as well.  She requested a bold lip and soft eye.  This is the look I gave her. FWNO Worker Bold lip look 1 FWNO Worker Bold lip soft eye look 2

Here are a couple of pictures of Phoenix and Britni creating Geisha looks.FWNO Britni doing a Geisha look FWNO Phoenix doing a Geisha look

Day 4 was the Bridal Show.  This young lady was my 1st model of the day. FWNO 1st Bridal Look 1FWNO 1st Bridal Look 2

This is model Chanda below.  I did a neutral eye and soft lip for her Bridal Look. FWNO Chanda's Bridal Look 1 FWNO Chanda's bridal look 2 FWNO Me and Chanda the model

After the show on Day 3 of Fashion Week New Orleans, I got a chance to take a picture on the Red Carpet. FWNO Me on the Red Carpet So glad I walked out the front instead of the back. I totally missed the red carpet the day before. Had no idea it was there. LOL! I worked all day and went home.

FWNO Me and BritniAbove is a picture of me with my fellow makeup artist Britni on Day 4.

I’m so grateful that Niala chose me to be a part of her Glam Squad for Fashion Week New Orleans.  It was an incredible experience.  I’ve worked with Fashion Shows before and had a wide range of encounters, but I have to say that Niala’s leadership allowed all of us on her team to learn, grow, be creative, and enjoy working together.  Each morning, I was excited to wake up and get to work.  I’m looking forward to working with her next year. :-)

Nov 192012


I attended the very chic and sophisticated Fashion Houston on last Monday. It was the first of four days of runway excitement, networking, beauty, and fashion.


It was held at the Wortham Center again this year. I love how the transform the area to make you forget where you actually are. A huge tent is set up in front of the theater for the pre-activities. There was a red carpet and a Step and Repeat for pictures.
20121119-221515.jpgOnce you walk in the tent, there are vendors set up as well as the VIP section for Happy Hour.  Audi is a big sponsor of Fashion Houston so some of the first things you notice are the cool Audi cars parked on each side.


There was a cute little young DJ who was getting the party started and working the ones and twos. She even danced for us too.




There were artists displaying and selling their work. Photographers, fashion designers, accessory designers, even plastic surgery clinics & detox companies.





I was able to sample the Green Drink from Crush Cleanse.  It wasn’t too bad and the lady reassured me that it’s safe and gentle therefore it wouldn’t cause me to run to the restroom during the fashion show. LOL! ;-)


Dice Boutique was genius with the idea of having their own mini fashion show and pre-lit runway.



I had the opportunity to mix and mingle with a couple of the vendors as well. 20121119-224935.jpg
I got a chance to meet the ladies of Mon Venin. They have amazing pieces.


Above I’m with Amanda of Mon Venin and below I’m with Nadia.



20121119-225624.jpgAbove is a picture of me with my two fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers Ashley on the left and Shasie on the right.  This picture is courtesy of Shasie of


The VIP Lounge was very posh!  There were complimentary refreshments and “Spruce Goose” drinks. 20121119-230319.jpg20121119-230051.jpg


The inside of the Wortham Center was so pretty.





Neal Hamil spoke first before the show started.






















I was so grateful to have had the opportunity to cover Fashion Houston on my blog. This was the 2nd year in a row that I’ve had press access. I’m looking forward to next year.

Oct 102012

I attended the inaugural launch of Houston Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake on last Wednesday evening 10/3/12.  It was held at the Houston Junior League.

Above are pictures before the show started.  It was very well put together.

Live music by a string quartet.

The guests seemed to have a good time even before the show started.  That’s always a good sign of a great event.   

It probably had a little something to do with the pictures above. ;-p

 I met the uber fabulous Joy Sewing.

Hey look who was in the audience!! I also met actor Lee Majors.  He was sitting at the table next to me.  I had great seats. :-)

As a Blogger I was allowed to go backstage to get a behind the scenes perspective for my readers.

The details of this top below are breath taking.  It’s so pretty and was actually handmade so this it’s very unique.

Here’s what this top looks like  with the model on the runway. *Sidenote* I love this model’s brows and cheeks. :-p
Below you can see how some of these dresses on the rack looked on the models

Above are men’s stylists Natalie Guzman with the Man of the night Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake

Valobra’s jewelry was used in the show.  The store is located  in Highland Village in River Oaks area of Houston.  As I mentioned in my post about my experience at Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan, this jewelry is very expensive and highly guarded.  When I went backstage, the security guard was standing next the the pieces and even protecting the pictures. LOL!

Yes in the close up picture above in the right picture the bracelet is $34,750.00 and the necklace is $159,900.00.  This explains the security guard. LOL! ;-p

The makeup was provided by Christi Harris

The show began with a lovely ballet performance.

This picture came out blurry, :-( but I still wanted to include it because I love these dresses.

The color theory used here was great.  I really like the green dress with the red lip.  Also this model’s cheek highlight is on point. Werk!!

Jonathan uses great colors.

These white dresses are so elegant

This dress really stood out to me. I remember seeing it on the rack backstage.  It looks soooo much better on the model. The dress below was elegant and chic.  I could see it being a wedding gown.

Okay, back to color. Look at the pretty blue

The grand finale

This is Miss Texas USA modeling the final piece of the night.  This dress received lots of applause.  The rose petals on the bottom were individually hand placed. 

The makeup artist did a great job with the soft smokey eyes, glowing skin and cheeks, with the neutral lips. Kudos!!