Jan 112015

This post will focus on the last day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I was privileged to attend the Dorin Negrau show.

BeautybyLeRenda MBFW Entrance

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 waiting for Dorin NegrauAbove, the lights had just dimmed as the show was about to start.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 1st modelDorin Negrau’s 1st model to walk the runway.  It was a bit theatrical. Below are more of the models walking the runway.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 2nd ModelBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau back of 2nd modelThere were some great pieces in this collection.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 3rd ModelBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 4BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 5BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 6 FrontBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 7BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 7 Back ViewBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 8The models making their grand finale walk on the runway.
BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Models Final WalkHere’s Fashion Designer Dorin Negrau making his appearance after the final walk of the models.BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Fashion Designer

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau

After the show, I hung around for a while to experience everything MBFW had to offer.  It was a lot of fun.  There were booths set up from different companies and most of them provided goodies and picture opportunities. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW Inside the Tent of NYFW

BeautyByLeRenda in new Mercedes at NYFW MBFWBeautyByLeRenda in Driver Seat of new Mercedes at MBFW

They even had free refreshments & charging stations! BeautyByLeRenda MBFW RefreshmentsBeautyByLeRenda MBFW Charging stationThe Pandora booth offered free flash tattoos.  The elephant immediately caught my eyears of course! :-) BeautyByLeRenda at MBFW with Flash Tattoo

Jan 082015

Welcome to part 2 of my New York Fashion Week Sept 2014 Recap.  To see part 1, click here.  This post will focus on the Fashion Shows that I worked with backstage as a makeup artist.  I worked on 3 shows while in NYC for NYFW.  The first two were with African Fashion Week New York and the third one was called “Life is Lust Fashion Show”, which exhibited local NYC fashion designers. In this post, I’ll focus on African Fashion Week.

BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Headed to worknow my 3rd All packed and ready to go! :-)


A few selfies before starting my work day.  Y’all have no idea just how happy I was to be working in NYC again!! :-) BeautyByLeRenda Selfie with Zuca before AFWNYC Show NYFW

 This was a huge event with lots of press and fashion designers from all over Africa.  These are a few pictures of the designers being interviewed. It was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion,  which was awesome because I knew exactly where it was.  That’s the same venue as The Makeup Show NYC! I worked there last year with AJ Crimson.  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Press interviewng Fashion Designers BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Fashion Designer being interviewed 2 Here are a few backstage pictures below.

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Day 1 Work Station The picture above, is my work station at African Fashion Week New York 2014.

BeautyByLeRenda BTS Working on NYC Model Jo for AFWNYC NYFW cropped Here I am working with NYC Model Joey.  Below are a few selfies of us.  She was so sweet.

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Sept 2014 IG post from Model JoeyScreenshot_2015-01-08-18-43-07

Below I’m with my Glam Squad Team Member NYC Manicurist and Makeup Artist Vanessa.   I had so much fun working with her.  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Sept 2014 Selfies with Manicurist Vanessa

We didn’t have a lot of space for the Makeup and Hair Glam Squad so we had to do makeup where ever we could find a spot.  Below, I’m working on NYC Model Juanita. She has an awesome personality was such a pleasure to work with.  BeautyByLeRenda Working BTS with NYC Model Juanita for AFWNYC NYFW Day 2

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Juanitas finished lookJuanita was fierce on the runway!
BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Juanita werking the Runway 1Screenshot_2015-01-08-18-41-37

Here I am working with NYC model Tanesha and NYC Manicurist Gina.  I was so happy to work with Tanesha again.  We worked together eariler in the year for NYFW in Feb. So nice to see a familiar face in such a big city. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Collage with Model Tanesha and Nail Tech GinaHere’s a picture of Tanesha werking the Runway!Screenshot_2015-01-08-18-43-21

Below, I’m doing makeup while NYC Manicurist Carmen is doing nails.BeautyByLeRenda AFFW 2014 IG post of me doing makeup and Carmen doing nails

 Below is a collage of another model I worked with.  I can’t remember her name, but I remember she currently lives in Europe.BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Model

I didn’t realize the two bottom pictures were so blurry until after I left.  :-(
BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Models Backstage

BeautybyLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Backstage BTS20140905_203307

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Models They had a step and repeat so I HAD to take a pic before I left. Ha! :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Posing with Zuca on Step and Repeat after AFWNYC NYFW show Make sure you check out part 3 of my NYFW SEPT 2014 Recap.

Jan 042015

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas FlyerThe Makeup Show Dallas is another event I never got a chance to write about last year, so I’m also including it in my “Way Back When Series”.

BeautybyLeRenda posing at TMS Dallas 2014 The Makeup Show added Dallas, Texas to it’s schedule for 2014.   It was a great decision because the show was a major success! I was disappointed that they chose Dallas over Houston :-( but I was still glad it was in Texas. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas IG Collage 1I was one of the Ambassadors chosen to promote the new location.  The event was held Saturday September 27-Sunday September 28 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. It was one of the biggest Inaugural Makeup Shows to date!

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Sponsor sign

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas IG Education CollageThe Makeup Show is the best trade show for Professional Makeup Artists. Here are 6 reasons why.

  1. Networking
  2. Build up/Replenish their makeup kits with professional quality products at reduced prices.
  3. Educational classes
  4. Keynote speakerstwhile
  5. Hands-on Workshops
  6. Opportunities to apply for Pro Discounts

I actually got there a day earlier to help set up the AJ Crimson section of the Frends Beauty Booth.  Here are some of the “Behind the Scenes” pics from Friday.BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Frends Beauty Booth

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas  AJ Crimson empty foundation display


BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson Foundation and BB Cream display I was pleased to be given another opportunity to work with Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson. BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson Banner I always have such an incredible time working with him and I love getting the chance to interact with other makeup artists to show them how amazing AJ’s products are.

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Selfies with AJ CrimsonAJ does a fantastic job of explaining how to use his foundations and BB +D cremes while doing makeup demos.  He worked with lots of people during The Makeup Show Dallas.  Our booth stayed busy the entire time. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson doing a makeup demo BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson talking a group of his fans

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson applying foundation on a fanAbove, AJ is matching my soror and Dallas Makeup Artist Charita.   Below is a picture of me at the Frends Beauty Booth holding an AJ Crimson BB+D Cream.BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas IG Post Working at the Frends Booth I got a chance to see my fellow makeup artists from all over the country.

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Frends Beauty Booth CrewAbove I’m with Matt Frends of Frends Beauty and some of my fellow makeup artists who worked at the Frends Beauty Booth with me.  At the top left I’m with Chante and Matt.  On the bottom left I’m with Marla. BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson Waverly and LeRendaAbove I’m with Makeup Artist Waverly and AJ.

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas group pic at AJ Crimson Booth with Mimi Mikey and ImogeneGroup pic of LA Makeup Artist Mimi and Oklahoma Makeup Artists Mikey and Imogene.

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Frends Beauty Booth with Jackie and Crystal of Paw PaletteYay! I got to see Crystal Powder, makeup artist and owner of the Paw Palette.  She’s so sweet! I met her for the first time at IMATS LA in 2012 and I look forward to seeing her at all of the makeup trade shows I attend. :-)

In the above picture, Yackie, who works with Crystal, is on the left and Crystal is on the right.  I’m showing off my new Paw Palette that I used while working with AJ to match fans with foundation and BB Creme. If you’re a professional makeup artist, you’ll love using the paw palette.  It’s so convenient and easy to use.  Crystal hand makes all of them and has a wide variety of designs.

20140928_144134In the above picture I’m with makeup artists Lameka on the left and my fellow Houston makeup artist Anisa on the right.

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Houston MUA Group PicA group of Houston Makeup Artists above. From Left to Right. Angie, Primas Jewell, Alaysha, Markesha, Judy, LeRenda, and Faith

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas pic with PurseBuzzIt’s always a pleasure to see one of my favorite You Tube Beauty Gurus of all times; Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz!! :-) She provides great makeup pointers, tips, and reviews.  She also sales accessories.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll notice the rhinestone lipstick necklace I wear a lot.  I purchased it from Elessa at The Makeup Show Orlando in 2012.  She has great items and is very friendly.
BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas AJ Crimson talking to fans 2 In the Above pic, AJ is speaking with Dallas makeup artist Ronneca.

One of my biggest highlights of TMS Dallas was meeting the legendary Ve Neil!!! :-)

BeautyByLeRenda TMS Dallas Val Garland picture Can you tell how happy I was? :-D


Apr 182013

African Pride Event BannerI attended the African Pride Beauty Social National Tour two weeks ago.   Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stay the entire time because I had to work at the MAC counter that day, but I did at least get a few pictures and some info on how the brand has made several changes.

African Pride Product TableWhen I entered the area of the event, the first thing I saw was a lavish breakfast buffet! :-)

African Pride Breakfast Table 1African Pride Event Breakfast Table 2

Here’s my plate. :-)African Pride Event My plate

When I walked in, there was a welcome table with a couple of the new products.African Pride Event Welcome Table  Then I was able to find a seat at one of the round tables that were set up for the invited bloggers.  African Pride Event Room with bloggers 1

Once it was time for the event to start, we were officially welcomed by one of African Pride’s reps. African Pride Welcome RepNext Camila Crews, the African Pride Content Specialist, educated us on the new and improved changes with the brand.African Pride Rep explaining changes One of the first things she did was ask us if we knew about the brand.  Then she asked what African Pride products we were most familiar with.  There was an overwhelming response of the Braid Spray and the grease.  I definitely used to use both.  She acknowledged that these two items were their most popular products.  She also let us know that the braid spray is even good for people who have locs, or sew-ins. She then introduced us to a couple of brand new products and the redesigned packaging.African Pride products on chairAfrican Pride rep holding product 1 Next Camila showed us how the products had been used on two different models with different hair types.African Pride Rep showing model hairstyle African Pride Rep with Model holding productAfrican Pride Rep with Model 2 African Pride Model 2 backAfrican Pride Rep with both models

Here’s the official press release for the event:

African Pride Hair Care continued their national “Ultimate Beauty Social”  Tour in Houston, Texas on Saturday, April 6th, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. A transparent conversation on beauty over brunch was hosted by beauty bloggers Shalanda Turner (LiveLifeinStyle.com), Tamara Floyd (NaturalHairRules.com), special guest author Audrey Sivasothy (The Science of Black Hair) and African Pride’s Content Director – Camila Crews. The conversation opened the floor for discussion topics including: hair style choice in the workplace, writing your own rules when it comes to your hair, how women are no longer monolithic and how to celebrate individual beauty. The event showcased new products from the African Pride Family Brands’ Collections including Olive Miracle, Shea Butter Miracle and DreamKids. All products are affordably priced under $7.99 and sold at local beauty retailers and stores such as Sallys Beauty Supply, Family Dollar and Walmart. For more information visit www.African-Pride.com, to see the national tour schedule visit www.Facebook.com/MyAfricanPride and to join in this nationally charged viral conversation follow @MyAfricanPride #UltimateBeautySocial.

You can also view a video of the event by clicking on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5_psPqxQUU

Feb 222013

BeautyByLeRenda Gordon Parks exhibitMacy’s has really done well with recognizing cultural events. This is second year in a row that I’ve attended their Black History Month event. Last year they focused on Romare Bearden. This year they focused on Gordon Parks.

This event was held at the Macy’s Galleria on Hidalgo.  There was a nice set up displaying Gordon Parks’s pictures as well as a live musician.BeautyByLeRenda Macys Gordon Parks Panel backgroundBeautyByLeRenda in front of Gordon Parks background BeautyByLeRenda Macys Gordon Parks event musician

I missed the beginning of the event because I was booked to do makeup for an event at Qwashae Boutique. I got to Macy’s towards the end of the panel discussion.

BeautyByLeRenda Gordon Parks PanelEach member gave info about Gordon Parks and how he made an impact on their lives. In this picture Rebecca Briscoe is speaking on how inspirational he was to have been so successful despite the racial tension that existed during his era.

To the left of her is Ray Carrington, he spoke very highly of Gordon Parks and emphasized how his early mistakes led to him learning lessons that allowed him opportunities to leave a huge legacy. He discussed how important it was for Gordon Parks to get to know people before taking pictures.  Then there’s Joy Sewing. Unfortunately, I missed her speak, but I’m sure she gave a lot of good insight. She’s very intellectual and full of knowledge.  I look forward to seeing her at events. On the end is David Parks.

2013-02-21 19.16.59

Here I am with Rebecca after the panel discussion.  I’m so proud of her success.  We both grew up in the same home town of Port Arthur, Texas. Nice to see her doing well. :-)

2013-02-21 19.01.17

This gentlemen in the above picture was the host for the Gordon Parks event.

BeautyByLeRenda David Parks speakingAbove is David Parks, Gordon’s son.  He shared a lot of great background information about his father, including how he and his brother approached their dad for assistance in producing the movie Superfly.  He also spoke about how diversity is still an issue in the film industry.  He urged film makers to work together and explained why family and the community and are keys to being successful.

BeautyByLeRenda Macys Black History Month BackgroundThere was a great turnout for this event. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Macys Gordon Parks crowd BeautyByLeRenda Macys Gordon Parks Crowd2

BeautyByLeRenda Macys Gordon Parks Crowd3

I got a chance to sit down and talk with David Parks. He ‘s so personable and approachable. He was very patient and took time to talk with everyone and took pictures.  He appeared to be just as happy to meet us as we were to meet him.  I’m so honored to have had this opportunity.

David Parks and BeautyByLeRendaThere was a reception following the panel discussion in which Macy’s provided light refreshments and drinks. BeautyByLeRenda Macys Wine list for Gordon Parks eventI’m so glad that I was able to attend this wonderful event. Kudos to Macy’s once again for putting on a fantastic showcase for Black History Month.

*I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere provided me with compensation for this post about Macy’s Black History Month. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.*


Dec 212012

The Houston Fashion Bloggers celebrated our one year anniversary with a holiday party sponsored by Saks on 12/7/12.


It was held at the very posh and chic 5115 restaurant inside of Saks Fith Avenue in the Houston Galleria Mall. This was actually my 1st time ever going there. It’s very nice. We even had a live piano player to set the mood. :-)



Our party was RSVP only and was well attended. We ended up having to implement a waiting list because so many people wanted to come. Unfortunately we weren’t able to accommodate everyone interested because there was a limit on how many people we could invite. It’s so nice to see how far we’ve come in just one year.



We donated proceeds to the Houston Area Women’s Center. Here’s a representative talking to us about the great things the center does for local women and children who are survivors or domestic violence.

Shalanda, the founder of the Houston Fashion Bloggers spoke to everyone and thanked them for participating in our celebration.

We had a raffle to help raise money for the Houston Area Women’s Center. With cool prizes!

Here are some of the winners below











There were models there to show us what was in trend for both women and men’s fashion.


I had a fantastic time mingling with my fellow Houston Fashion Bloggers!!!





It was so nice to have local designers come out and support us. Below I’m with Carrie Ann of Carrie Ann Boutique and Nadia of Mon Venin. Excuse the blurry picture .

And of course a very special thanks to Chad who works for Saks. He’s been so great to the Houston Fashion Bloggers. He keeps us updated on all of the latest trends and events with Saks. He helped make this Holiday party a huge success!