Jan 022014

I saw this item a couple of months ago for only $3 at Target. I’ve seen different companies come out with versions of shadow shields over the years but for what ever reason, I never quite got around to trying them. I decided to give this Elf one a try. Elf Mascara and Shadow Shield I used it for the first time while creating my Ofra and Naked 3  FOTD. 

Elf Mascara and Shadow Shield with Naked shadowsElf Mascara and Shadow Shield with fall outIf you look closely, you’ll be able to see the fall out on the shield.  It works but it’s kind of uncomfortable.  I used it enough to blend a bit and take pictures.  After that I just put it down.  I think it may be easier to use on a client than myself.  Or, maybe I just need to play with it a little more to see how to make it more comfortable.  It doesn’t seem to fit easily in my eye area and it was annoying after a while. The best part about it is that it was only $3.


Apr 242012

I purchased this Elf Eyeliner for only $1 at Target the same day I bought both the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 5pc Couture Set and the Sonia Kashuk Complexion Perfection Brush.

I wanted a teal eyeliner and didn’t really want to spend a lot of money.  I’ve never used Elf’s eyeliner pencils before but I figured for only $1, I didn’t have much to lose.  I really like the Elf Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen, so I was hoping I’d have the same sentiments about this pencil.

The top line was my initial swatch.  The bottom line is where I went back and forth two times to build the intensity.  It’s a pretty color.

This eyeliner pencil feels somewhat smooth when applying it however it’s not very pigmented.  You’d have to do more than just one layer to get the color to show nicely.  I did two layers here.

It was more difficult applying to my lower lash line for some reason. I had to go over it a few times.  It’s almost as if the color wasn’t sticking. :-(

So I was curious about the staying power of this pencil.  I quickly found it that it sucks.  I was able to wipe off the liner with my finger with one swipe. :-(

You can barely see the remnants at the outer line.  This makes me very weary about wearing it out in public.

Well, at least the sharpener works.

I’ve always considered Elf Cosmetics as either hit or miss.  There are products that I love from them and then products such as this eyeliner that I regret purchasing.  I’m so glad it was only $1.  Maybe if I use a primer 1st, it’ll hold up better.  What can I say?  You get what you pay for. *sigh*


Apr 122012

I purchased the Elf Nail Polish Set yesterday from Target for $5.  I almost put it back because honestly, I don’t need anymore polish, but hey it was only $5 for 4 different shades of coral nail polish…I couldn’t help myself. LOL! I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations for these polishes, but boy was I wrong. This is Pretty Peach.  The only downside I’ve notice so far is the size.  It’s a bit smaller than most of my polishes. See below. Here’s Pretty Peach on my nails below. Can you believe this was only one coat?

I’m really impressed with these polishes so far! :-) both colors I tried had great pigment and fast drying times.  Now I just have to see how long the color will last. Have you tried Elf’s nail polishes?  If so, what are your thoughts?

Mar 262012

Are you looking for a professional makeup brush belt?  Well here’s my comparison of Elf vs MAC.

I purchased both brush belts last year when I started my freelance make up business.  I bought the ELF Brush Belt first because I didn’t realize that the MAC Brush belt was available on the MAC Pro website.  I tried to return the Elf Brush Belt but was informed by customer service that they didn’t accept returns or exchanges.  The rep explained that due to their prices being so inexpensive, they had a policy of all sales final.  I totally missed that memo.  I won’t ever forget it though.

My Pro MAC Brush Belt.  Last year it was $40.  Not sure if the price went up with the rest of the increase in Feb.

Elf Brush Belt.  I purchased it last year for $15. This is my first time opening it. LOL! :-)

There’s obviously a difference in the quality and texture of the belts.  My MAC brush belt feels more like leather and is more sturdy.  Honestly, even though it feels different, The Elf brush belt will still serve its purpose and get the job done.  I’m just not sure how long it would last though.  I’m very confident that my MAC brush belt will last me years and years.  Without a doubt, I consider it one of my best investments as a freelance makeup artist.