Apr 182013

African Pride Event BannerI attended the African Pride Beauty Social National Tour two weeks ago.   Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to stay the entire time because I had to work at the MAC counter that day, but I did at least get a few pictures and some info on how the brand has made several changes.

African Pride Product TableWhen I entered the area of the event, the first thing I saw was a lavish breakfast buffet! :-)

African Pride Breakfast Table 1African Pride Event Breakfast Table 2

Here’s my plate. :-)African Pride Event My plate

When I walked in, there was a welcome table with a couple of the new products.African Pride Event Welcome Table  Then I was able to find a seat at one of the round tables that were set up for the invited bloggers.  African Pride Event Room with bloggers 1

Once it was time for the event to start, we were officially welcomed by one of African Pride’s reps. African Pride Welcome RepNext Camila Crews, the African Pride Content Specialist, educated us on the new and improved changes with the brand.African Pride Rep explaining changes One of the first things she did was ask us if we knew about the brand.  Then she asked what African Pride products we were most familiar with.  There was an overwhelming response of the Braid Spray and the grease.  I definitely used to use both.  She acknowledged that these two items were their most popular products.  She also let us know that the braid spray is even good for people who have locs, or sew-ins. She then introduced us to a couple of brand new products and the redesigned packaging.African Pride products on chairAfrican Pride rep holding product 1 Next Camila showed us how the products had been used on two different models with different hair types.African Pride Rep showing model hairstyle African Pride Rep with Model holding productAfrican Pride Rep with Model 2 African Pride Model 2 backAfrican Pride Rep with both models

Here’s the official press release for the event:

African Pride Hair Care continued their national “Ultimate Beauty Social”  Tour in Houston, Texas on Saturday, April 6th, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. A transparent conversation on beauty over brunch was hosted by beauty bloggers Shalanda Turner (LiveLifeinStyle.com), Tamara Floyd (NaturalHairRules.com), special guest author Audrey Sivasothy (The Science of Black Hair) and African Pride’s Content Director – Camila Crews. The conversation opened the floor for discussion topics including: hair style choice in the workplace, writing your own rules when it comes to your hair, how women are no longer monolithic and how to celebrate individual beauty. The event showcased new products from the African Pride Family Brands’ Collections including Olive Miracle, Shea Butter Miracle and DreamKids. All products are affordably priced under $7.99 and sold at local beauty retailers and stores such as Sallys Beauty Supply, Family Dollar and Walmart. For more information visit www.African-Pride.com, to see the national tour schedule visit www.Facebook.com/MyAfricanPride and to join in this nationally charged viral conversation follow @MyAfricanPride #UltimateBeautySocial.

You can also view a video of the event by clicking on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5_psPqxQUU

Aug 222012

A select number of Houston area bloggers were invited to attend a special luncheon with Veronica of the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau. She and Ameerah of Avie Prince Events put together a very nice presentation for us to get to know a bit more about Dallas.
I ordered the Filet Mignon with mixed veggies and mashed potatoes.  The flavor was ok.  Wasn’t seasoned as well as it was described on the menu.  My Filet was shockingly disappointing.  Perry’s is an upscale and well-known Steak house in Houston, however my Filet wasn’t as tender as I would’ve expected.

The desert trio however was pretty good.  I normally don’t like Creme Brulee’, but this one was actually good and I ate all of it. :-) There was a very cute little chocolate truffle that was even better than the Creme Brulee’.  The 3rd item was a piece of cheesecake that was better than what I expected. Unlike most people I know, I’m not a cheesecake fan.  I liked the consistency of this one though so it worked well for me.(it wasn’t mushy)

Due to time constraints, it was set up as a working lunch, but still very professional and accommodating.  Below we are listening to Veronica speak about all of the new attractions Dallas has to offer.

Veronica explained to us how much Dallas is really working to improve the city to be more diverse and tourist friendly.  They’ve invested over $14million in  marketing and revamping neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, night life, arts, parks and recreation, etc.

Above is a picture of me with Veronica.

Ameerah and Veronica had cute goodie bags set up for us when we walked in the private room. :-)

Sarah was such a great helper and passed out the bags to us. :-)

 Below are Shasie, Veronica, and Lynne

Above are Dominque and Priya (foodie bloggers)

Sarah, Me, and Vernetta

 Be sure to check out VisitDallas.com for all of the awesome attractions the City of Dallas Visitors Bureau has put in place and is working on in the near future.


Jul 202012

The Houston Fashion Bloggers had a meetup on July 5, 2012 at Qwashae Boutique in Pearland, Texas. The event was a success! We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers group Shasie took this awesome picture of us. :-)

I initially posted about Qwashae Boutique a few months ago when the Houston Fashion Bloggers covered the Spring 2012 Fashion Show.  It was so great I couldn’t cover it all in one post so I broke it down into a series.  I was super excited to be able to return to Qwashae Boutique and  really get a chance to see and try on the clothes. :-)
 When we walked in, we were greeted with this lovely set up and sign-in sheet.The champagne table

The staff at Qwashae Boutique were so welcoming and fun. They had an entire agenda set up for us with games and prizes included. :-) Vernetta of Women are Game Changers won a prize! One of the activities was to share with the group the message you receive from your Dove chocolate.  Check out what mine said below

We were able to explore the store and try on whatever we liked.

Check out how gorgeous Della Belle K of The BeautyBar924 looks in this dress.  We were all in awe!Melonie of Fashionably Forty and I.

Totally fell in love with this necklace!
This is a Paris Hilton style dress
It looked great on Kelly Ann Ho-Sang of Fault Line Fashion.

Nikki and I of NW Style & Co. *This picture was taken by Shasie *

Amarya of The Eye of Arms and I.  *This picture was taken by Shasie*

*Shasie took this picture*

Here I am playing with this pretty detachable skirt.  It’s such a great accessory that can be added to many different ensembles. :-)The owner Shekeina and I. *Shasie took this picture*
Nikka Shae of Oh Nikka came from Atalnta to hang with us. *Shasie took this picture*

Unfortunately when I pulled up I realized I forgot my camera. *screams* so a lot of these pictures aren’t nice quality.  Luckily, my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Shasie of Live Life In Style allowed me to use some of her pictures that she took with her cool camera. Thanks Shasie!! :-)

Mar 052012

My fellow Houston Bloggers and I attended a Meetup event sponsored by Addison Shoe Boutique, Langford Market & Wish Boutique, and Lush Cosmetics in Memorial City Mall on 2/26/12.

The staff supplied cute light refreshments.  Banana cupcakes and champagne. :-)

These accessories are from Langford Market and Wish Boutique which is located next door to Addison in Memorial City Mall.

This rack of clothing was also from Langford Market and Wish boutique.  They had great pieces to choose from.

We were allowed to put together an ensemble that reflected our own style.
Below is what I came up with

These shoes (from Addison) are Fabulous.

 The heels are just too high for me.  They come in another color as well.

Don’t you just love the lips! I guess it’s the make up artist in me that was so drawn to them. Ha ha! :-)

Here are my fellow Houston Bloggers checking out the products.

Below are pictures of other items in the store

The quality and details of these shoes are outstanding.

It was a great meet up.  Shout out to Shalanda of Live-Life-In-Style.com for organizing another super event for the Houston Fashion and Beauty Bloggers. :-)