Oct 122012

Throughout the day, it’s quite common for us to become oily and need to touch up with our compacts. However, before you do, make sure to blot the excess oil first. This will prevent your makeup from looking too cakey. It will also reduce the amount of oil and bacteria being transferred from your skin to your brush, powder puff, or sponge that you use.

There are many ways you can blot your skin.  I prefer blotting sheets. They come in a variety of sizes and are made by many different brands.  If you don’t have any blot sheets, you can always use a 1 ply tissue (most tissue is 2 ply so just separate it).  Gently press down on your skin, don’t rub because you will rub off your makeup.

Jul 122012

I talked about my love for MAC Paint Pots in this post.  Doing an eye look doesn’t have to be exhausting. Here’s a quick an easy way to use a paint pot to enhance your eyes.  This same technique can be used with any of paint pots as well as any long lasting cream shadow.


I love  Paint Pots because they are easy to use and versitle.  Check out how I use Constructivist as and Eye of the Day (EOTD).

 Next I applied MAC Vanilla Paint Pot to my brow bone. I discussed how much I love this color in my Paint Pot post hereI also applied MAC Vanilla Pigment to my tear duct area as wellNext I added Clinique High Definition Mascara. It was the first one I saw so I used it.  I’m not usually a fan of this mascara. Here’s the completed quick Eye Look featuring MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist 

Do you use MAC Paint Pots or other cream shadows?  What are you favorites?

Jan 022012

It’s very important for you to get familiar with cosmetic information.  Knowing  ingredients that are in your products is a major factor in good skin care.   This is especially important if you are prone to allergic reactions.

So where can you find the list of ingredients?  Either on the back of the box or some products may have a separate insert.

This is MAC Oil Control Lotion (It’s my 2nd favorite moisturizer.  It would be my 1st if it had SPF). The top picture is the front of the box and the bottom picture is the back of the box.

This box has a lot of great information about the moisturizer.  It gives directions for use (in different languages), the ingredients, and distribution information. Lastly the symbols show you when the product expires and it lets you know it can be recycled.

Going to a dermatologist to get a better understanding of what causes your allergies and later reading labels to make sure you aren’t using those things, could save you a lot of money and discomfort.