Dec 312011

We all want a “quick fix” when it comes to make up.  Who really wants to spend an hour every day just on their face right?  This is totally understandable.  However, don’t be opposed to using multiple products to achieve your desired look.  What do I mean by this?  I’ll give you 3 examples.

  1. Flawless skin is your desired look.  Depending on your skin, you may need to do more than one step to achieve it.  This may include a concealer, a foundation, and a powder.  This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just something you might need to incorporate into your routine.
  2. You want added dimension to your lips and/or you want them more defined.  A lipstick, lipliner, and gloss may be what you need to pull this off.  Just using a lipgloss probably won’t give you the look you desire.
  3. You want your cheeks to stand out and your face to be more sculpted.  Adding a highlight to the cheeks as well as blush and a contour will help attain this look.

When people compliment my make up and ask what I’m wearing, I usually get a response such as “oh I’m not doing all of that”.  While that’s totally ok, you shouldn’t dismiss adding a few extra steps to take your make up look to the next level.  Keep in mind that applying make up is like creating art.  Your face is your canvas.

Dec 282011

Even though most workers try their best to keep the products as clean as possible, they can’t watch customers 24/7.  It’s important for you to take your own precautions when trying on products.

Below are my Top 5 Cosmetic Counter Sanitation Tips.

  1. NEVER pick up a product and apply it directly to your skin!!  You should always sanitize the products first.  Even if you use a disposable wand or sponge, the actual product should be cleaned first.
  2. Do not “double dip” in liquid products.  This would include but not limited to mascara and lipgloss.  Always use fresh disposables to apply these products.
  3. After using the products, be kind and clean it before placing it back on the display unit.
  4. Clean your hands and make sure the make up artist cleans his or her hands before touching your face.
  5. Throw away disposables don’t leave them on the counter.


These are just my top 5, this is not an all inclusive list of sanitation procedures.  This list was just intended to help you and your make up artist have a more pleasurable experience. :-)

Dec 212011

Do your eyes get irritated after removing your make up?

Maybe it’s the way you remove it.  Instead of rubbing hard back and forth really fast to get the make up off, try holding down the pad, cotton ball, or wipe (whatever you use ha ha!) on your eye then wipe off.  This will allow the make up remover to actually dissolve the make up and it will take it off quicker.  Your eyes will not feel as sore afterwards. :-)


Dec 192011

It’s very important to take care of your eye area.  The area around our eyes tends to be a lot drier than the rest of our face.  This area also has less layers of skin.  For this reason, it’s very beneficial for you to use an eye moisturizer 2x/day keep it healthy and to reduce the appearance of concerns such as dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness.  There are also serums that are helpful in treating eye area concerns.

What’s the difference between a moisturizer and a serum? Serums are typically lightweight in consistency and more concentrated to focus on treating a particular concern.  You usually  get quicker results from using serums than moisturizers.  Moisturizers primary focus is to hydrate and repair the skin’s moisture barrier. The moisturizers may have other benefits but the main feature is to hydrate.

How does this relate to make up? Well, the better your skin looks, the better your make up will look.  This is especially true when applying concealer under the eye.  Sometimes if you don’t use an eye moisturizer before applying the concealer, the concealer won’t glide on as smoothly.  It may even look cakey and make the area look worse than it did before you applied the concealer.  This is very true for people who have dry skin.

So what are my recommendations for eye moisturizers?  My favorite eye moisturizer is All About Eyes Rich by Clinique. 

The only con of using his product is that it’s in a jar and I prefer squeeze tubes because they are easier for me to use and much more sanitary. On a good note though, you can be sure to get ever bit of it out before throwing it away. :-)

I also like Fast Response Eye Cream by M.A.C. (this product is VERY similar to Clinique’s original formula of All About Eyes)

I’ve only used one eye serum and it was Clinique’s Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate.  It worked to smooth out my eye area.  Now I can’t say that I actually have a lot of lines/wrinkles, so I won’t pretend that it addressed that issue.  I will say that it made my skin more smooth and I noticed I didn’t have to use as much concealer.  I checked the Clinique website and it appears that this product has been replaced by Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector. (whew that’s a long title huh? LOL!) I haven’t tried this one but the way that it’s described on the website suggests it’s an even better product.

Do you currently use an eye moisturizer?  If so, which one and what have you noticed changed as a result of you using it?

Dec 182011

I’m sure you have heard make up artists say over and over again that make up looks better when it’s blended properly.  Keep in mind, everyone has their own style, but blending will give you a more professional and clean effect.

Here are a 3 tips for a pretty blended look.

  1. When holding your brushes, push your hand farther back away from the hair. If you hold your hand really close to the hair, you tend to press down a lot harder.  A softer approach provides a more blended look.  Too much pressure causes the skin to tug and prevents a smooth application.
  2. Make sure the colors fade into one another so you can’t see exactly where one stops and the other begins.
  3. Step back and look at what you’re working on to gauge what needs to be blended.

Have fun blending!!!

Dec 162011

Lips can make just as much of a statement as your eyes.  Don’t be afraid to add color and dimension to the lips.  Remember the power of three:

  1. Lipstick
  2. Lipliner
  3. Lipgloss

You can manipulate these three to make a powerful effect. Mix and match colors and textures. You’d be surprised at how much fun playing with lip colors can be. :-)