Sonya Kashuk Pointed Foundation Brush

 I just wanted to reiterate how much I absolutely LOVE this brush.  I purchased the Sonya Kashuk Pointed Foundation brush last month with my Target Haul.  It’s fantastic!!  This is my favorite concealer brush right now.  Previously, my favorite “go-to” brush for concealer was my Elf Angled Contour brush.  See below

I bought 3 of these.  I love this brush that much.  Ha ha! Plus, it’s only $3.

While I still love this brush, it doesn’t compare to the Sonya Kashuk’s brush.  I only use the Elf Angled Contour Brush for concealer under my eyes, which it actually isn’t made for.  You’re supposed to use it for shadow, but it just seems too big for applying/blending eye shadow in my opinion.  The pointed foundation brush on the other hand, is great not only for blending under eye concealer, but spot concealing on the face as well as blending liquid and cream foundations.  I highly recommend this brush!  I’ll be purchasing a couple more soon.  One for my kit, and one as a backup. 🙂

*The picture of the Elf Angled Contour Brush was taken from the ELF website 

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

I have a coastal scents brush just like your elf one and I love it for applying powder under the eye to set concealer. I must check out this Sonia kashuk brush

Royal Beauty Designs

You know what Jessica? I saw that brush on the coastal scents website and my 1st thought was that it was similar to my Elf brushes. I didn't get it though.

Hihi! I love this blog!

I found you on beautylish btw, following too =))

Royal Beauty Designs

@Makeup Insider

Thanks so much for stopping by! I just checked out your blog and followed as well. I appreciate the support. Take care! 🙂

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