Sister’s Couture Haute Summer Style Soiree

I attended the Sisters Couture Haute Summer Style Soiree Sat 8/18/12.  I was invited by to cover the event as a blogger.

The sisters, Susie and Angie had a nice set up as well as light refreshments for their guests and gift bags.

These water bottles were a cute addition

Lamik Beauty was a vendor.  They provided giveaways and make up demos.

JT of Lamik Beauty provided the makeup demos.  Due to me working at the MAC counter earlier that day I already had on a full face of makeup when I got there,  so JT just used the Lamik Brow Kit on me.  I’m impressed with it.  I’ve heard great things about it, I was glad to have been able to experience it 1st hand. 🙂

Above is a picture of the colors she used on me with the brush

JT and I

Here I am with Veronica. She’s the event planner who contacted me to cover the event. Thanks Veronica!

Above is a picture of me with the owners of Sisters Couture Angie and Susie.  They really put on a nice event. Good job ladies!

There was also a DJ on the ones and twos providing entertainment for us as we browsed, shopped, and got makeup demos.

I love the fact that Angie and Susie not only provide high quality hair extensions, but they also provide hair care products, including my favorite brand Kinky Curly!

I’ve been using Kinky Curly for years.  I remember when I could only get it at Whole Foods.  I was elated to see the brand being sold at my local Target.  Now that I know it’s at the Sisters Couture Boutique I’ll come here to get it.

This Gloss Pomade is something I haven’t seen at Target or Whole Foods.  I’m definitely going to have to come back to try it.

They even carry nail polish!!!

I love how the vendor Pop Of Color used popcorn to accent their products

OMG!! I totally fell in love with Z Boutique’s mannequins!

Here I am with my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger Valerie of Val Verde Style.

They had a really good turn out.  The customers seemed to be quite pleased.


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