Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes Review

I received these wipes as a Klout Perk. As you know from my many cleansing wipes posts, I’m a huge fan of wipes. They’re so convenient.
I also received a moisturizer that I’ll review in another post.

So what are my thoughts about the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes? I don’t care for them.  I’ll finish the pack because I don’t want them to go to waste, but I’m not pleased with them nor would I purchase them.  One of my biggest issues with wipes is them not being wet enough.  I know that sometimes when you get a new pack of wipes (except for my trusty Ponds wipes) the first few may be a little damp, but not wet but these seemed barely moist. I also didn’t like that it took 5 wipes for me to get my face clean.  Even by the 5th wipe, it still wasn’t wet. It was just damp.  🙁  On a good note, They didn’t burn my face, lips, or eyes.

The texture reminds of me of the Neutrogena wipes. They’re pretty sturdy and soft.  I’m sure they’d feel even better if they were actually wet.

Have you tried these? If so, what were your thoughts.


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Oh no! I haven't tried them but this makes me think twice…

Definitely not of fan of these. 🙁 I'm hoping once I get to the middle of the pack they'll be more moist.

I'm always skeptical about facial wipes for all the reasons you mentioned in your post but I do love their, Simple, gel face wash!

You know what's interesting? I LOVE wipes…as long as they work well. Ha ha! I have no complaints about my trusty Ponds original wipes. I haven't tried the Simple gel wash. What is it that you like about it? I'm pretty good on cleansers but always open to try a new product. One huge "no-no" for me is a strong fragrance.

That is weird! I got them once and they were really wet in my opinion! I normally got my wipes from Nivea and Olaz or L'oreal, and these were much wetter, what i really liked!

Really? Well maybe I got a bad batch. Haven't tried them since.

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