Sephora Royal Beauty Blender

Purple Beauty Blender with Sephora bagIn honor of the Pantone Color of the year being Radiant Orchid, Beauty Blender paired up with Sephora to develop an exclusive limited edition “Royal” Beauty Blender for 2014.

I was excited to get this product because pink and purple are my favorite colors.  I love them equally. The original Beauty Blender is Pink. I have a few of those and I also have some in black and in white. I can’t say that I really “needed” any more, but I couldn’t resist not completing my collection and having all of the colors; especially if the newest one is purple. Purple Beauty Blender in case So what’s so special about this particular Beauty Blender? Just the color.  I know when I’ve posted pics on Instagram, people have asked if they needed to get other colors if they already had the original pink one.  The answer is no.  If this one wasn’t purple, I wouldn’t have bought it.  It looks, feels, and works exactly the same.  The only difference I’ve noticed with the various Beauty Blenders is the Pink one bleeds a lot, whereas the other colors don’t. For whatever reason, it seems as though the Pink one is the hardest to clean. I’m not sure why though .Purple Beauty Blender in Hand I ended up purchasing two of the Royal Beauty Blenders. I’ve been using one and I have an extra one as a backup.  I admit to wanting more due to it being Limited Edition and only available while supplies last ( that usually gets me caught up).  Beauty Blenders are supposed to last for a few months so I may or may not buy another Royal Beauty Blender before the year is over. 😉

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Yes! I get caught up by "limited edition" and "while supplies last" as well. I bought one last week just because it was purple.

Ha! They have great marketing. 😛

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