Royal and Langnickel Revolution Brushes Part 1

I asked you what was in the bag in the previous post.  Here’s the answer below. 🙂

I purchased these brushes at IMATS LA a couple of weeks ago. I first learned about these brushes on Facebook from Kevin James Bennett.  He helped develop them based on his years of experience and research as well as interacting with other make up artists on their likes/dislikes of brushes.

 During his workshop on Event Makeup at IMATS LA, he discussed the importance of using proper tools with makeup application. He used a few of these above brushes in his application.  I was so intrigued throughout the class and couldn’t wait to get to the counter.  Once I got a chance to touch them…I was totally sold.  These brushes are incredible.  I mean, they’re fantastic.  They feel so good in your hand.  The handle is soft and not wooden or plastic.  It almost feels like a very sturdy rubber.  The ferule is titanium so it will last for years and years.  These brushes are extremely durable.

I love the fact that these brushes have flat bottoms.  I can stand them up!!! 🙂I compared the BX 15 to what I felt was the closest brush I had to it and that was the MAC #109.  When I purchased this brush I knew it wasn’t like any other brushes I had but I just wanted to make sure.Yep, the BX 15 is different. This is the BX 35. How amazing is this brush? The only brush I own that comes close to this is the MAC 191The BX 35 is bigger and more dense than the MAC 191

Stay tuned to part 2 of my review of these new Royal and Langnickel Revolution Brushes…

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