Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation

I purchased the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation during the same visit to H.E.B. when I purchased the Revlon Color Stay Lip Butters.  You can view those two posts here for part 1 and here for part 2.

My shade in this foundation is Caramel.  I wasn’t certain, but took a chance that the colors were the same as Revlon Colorstay…and I was right. *whew* *wipes forehead*

My first observation about this foundation was the fact that the bottle felt really light.  I was concerned a bit that it was not completely filled up.

My second observation was the dispenser.  It looks similar to one you’d find on a can of moose.  Here’s a closer picture below of what it looks like.

Here’s what the actual foundation looks like

A closer look.  It’s like a whipped consistency.  Ah ha! That explains why it felt so light.

So I know you’re wondering how it worked when I applied  it to my face right?  Well, when I initially applied it, I was disappointed because there wasn’t much coverage.  After applying more, I realized that the foundation was buildable…but had a very dewy finish. 🙁

I’m totally not a fan of the dewy wet look for my face.

No matter how “cute” I tried to pose or smile, it wasn’t working

So I set it with my favorite MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder and I got happier results.

So my conclusion on this foundation is that it’s a good product and was a great value with my my H.E.B. Coupon! 🙂

(which was the only reason I decided to try it)

I can’t say it will be my “go to” foundation, just because I don’t regularly use liquids, especially those that need to be built up for coverage.  I think it would be very good for people who have dry skin or if you just really wanted a natural  lightweight formula.  If you have oily skin, you WILL NEED TO MATTIFY.    I probably won’t buy it again for myself, but would consider putting it in my professional kit…when it’s on sale again. Ha ha!

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good review, I won't be buying it lol

I don't like the dewy wet look on myself either. I was intrigued by the moussey consistency, and thought about trying it. However, I don't think I'll be trying this.

Great post!


I tried this foundation and got the exact same result! I guess I just like the way the dewy consistency looks on ladies in the magazines lol. It felt funny on my skin and just wasn't what I wanted at all. Thanks for sharing your review with us!

Hey Dre Davis!

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who wasn't overly impressed. I think it just comes down to the effect you're going for. I wasn't expecting this foundation to be dewy. I was thinking it was going to be just a natural skin finish. Had I known, I NEVER would've purchased it. The MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder did a great job of mattifying it though, so I can still wear it, I'll just use the powder both before and after applying the foundation…if I feel like going through all of that. Ha! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

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I like this foundation for days when my face is acting up and I need more coverage, since its buildable, but I cannot get over the SMELL. It STINKS! It smells alternately like vinegar and mildew. Ugh. I almost returned it, but the coverage is too good for me to let it go. Le sigh.

Thanks for sharing your review. .it saved my money.. was just about to buy it.. as I don’t like to build up my foundation.. it would have been a waste of money. . Keep up the good work.. 🙂

& forgot to mention. . You look beautiful!!

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