Review of Urban Decay DeSlick Products

I was sooooo happy to see Urban Decay Products on sale on HauteLook a couple months ago. When I logged on, I saw new Mattifying products and knew I wanted them.




I didn’t do any research before purchasing the products. I’ve used the DeSlick spray before and I remember it doing pretty well so I ordered two of those and 1 of each of the following : DeSlick Compact Powder, DeSlick Mattifying Gel, & All Nighter Spray. When I received my order, I was excited because it came right before my birthday and was like a present. Honestly, I’d forgotten about it because unfortunately, the downside of ordering items from HauteLook is that the shipping takes weeks to get to you. The first thing that I wanted to try was the powder. After opening the box I saw this really pretty packaging and instantly fell in love. I regretted not getting 2.





I was curious to see how it compared to MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. At first glance, they look the same, however the texture and the effect is definitely different. I’ve used all of the products except the All Nighter Spray for a couple weeks now and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Urban Decay DeSlick Powder does NOT work as well as the MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. It seems to be closer to the MAC Blot Powder.

It’s not bad and not a total bust, especially because of the pretty purple compact, but I won’t buy it again, and i was very glad I didn’t buy two. The three things I LOVE the most about MAC Prep and Prime Powder is #1 it has Corn Starch to really soak up the oil. #2 it’s jet milled & very soft which makes it easy to blend. #3 it helps to minimize the appearance of my pores. I didn’t get any of these benefits from this DeSlick Powder. I also noticed that if I apply too much, I appear ashy and can see the white powder. I don’t have this problem with the MAC Prep and Prime Powder. I actually prefer the loose version over the compact, just because it seems to keep me with a matte finish longer. The downside is the loose powder isn’t as travel friendly.

The DeSlick Gel worked ok. I really like the texture and how it feels on my skin. Unlike the MAC Matte Gel, it’s very light weight. Unfortunately I don’t make it past noon without having to blot so it’s not as effective as my trusty MAC Refined Skin Zone. I won’t purchase the Urban Decay DeSlick Gel anymore either.

I’m still up in the air about the DeSlick Spray. Some days it appears to make a difference, and others it doesn’t. I can’t do a fair report on it because it think the difference are due to me using other primers and Mattifying products. I’ll need to use the exact same regime over a period of time to honestly review it.

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