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One of the reasons I am a repeat customer of Coastal Scents is their great customer service and fast shipping.  I posted a few days ago what I ordered for my mom and me with the last sale.  Here are my thoughts on the products.

Gel Liners
I was a bit hesitant to purchase these due to me having a bad experience with my 1st black gel liner from Coastal Scents.  I was hoping it would be a dupe for M.A.C. Fluidline in Blacktrack but unfortunately this was not the case.  The gel was more like a soft powder.  It wasn’t gel like or creamy.  I tried scraping the top off the product to see if it was smoother towards the middle but to no avail, it was dry all the way through.  I tried using it as a shadow base, but it was just too dry.  I tried wetting it, but it would crumble.  There was nothing I could do to get this “gel liner” to work, so I threw it away. 🙁

Thank God, these were from a good batch. All of these liners were creamy gel liners.  Although they are pretty bright, I will find ways to work with them.  I’m hoping they’ll make good shadow bases.

Sexy Pink
This one wasn’t exactly what I was hoping.  In the jar and on the website it appears to be a really bold hot pink, but it’s actually pretty sheer.  I had to swipe it 3 times to get it to show up as it is on the picture above.  It’s a sheer fuchsia. Oh the bottom color is exotic.
Top color is Peach Bellini, middle color is Sexy Pink, bottom color is Exotic.
Out of all 3 colors, Peach Bellini is my favorite.  It only took a light soft stroke to get that bright color.  I can’t wait to use it under my coral and orange shadows and maybe in my water line.    Exotic is like a dark greenish gray with golden specks.  It reminds me of Clinique’s Egyptian eyeliner.
Eye Shadow/Blush Palettes
On the left is the 88 Prism Palette and on the right is the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette.
One of my concerns with the items that were on sale was that they were similar to other items I already owned from Coastal Scents.  I didn’t want to have multiples.  I was pleased to find out that even though they have several palette combinations, the colors are actually different.
88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

At first glance on the website it appeared that these palettes were the same except one had blushes and the other one didn’t.  I took a chance and ordered the 26 Eye Shadow and Blush Palette.  I’m so glad that I did.  Unlike most people, I wasn’t that impressed with the 28 Neutral Palette. The colors were a bit boring to me and not very pigmented.  I had to really work with them to get a nice finish.  I also felt like the colors were too close to each other to where they don’t allow enough variety in looks.
I’m big on educating people about the differences between Neutral and Natural.  Neutral doesn’t always have to be natural.  You can surely have a dramatic neutral look.  I do it all of the time.  Natural can include bright/dark colors just not in an extreme way.  One of my favorite ways to apply make up is a soft application with a slight pop of color.

I was very happy to receive this 26 Shadow and Blush Palette and find out that it was indeed different from the 28 Neutral Palette.  There’s a bigger contrast in the variety.  The colors are deeper and more pigmented.

Lip Palette
On the left, the 66 Lip Palette.  On the right the 32 Lip Palette
This was another purchase I was pleasantly surprised about.  I figured that the 32 Lip Palette was just a smaller version of the 66 Lip Palette that I already owned but with larger proportions.  Nope, they are actually different. Yes!!

 Very Pretty colors.  

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You got some really great things! I am going to purchase the 32 lip palette those colors look gorgeous.

Royal Beauty Designs

Yes, I am pretty pleased with the items so far. I think you will like the 32 lip palette. It's so convenient. You don't have to dig through a drawer or box full of lipstick/lipgloss tubes. Ha ha!

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog.

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