Qwashae Boutique Fashion Show at Red Cat Jazz Cafe Event

Qwashae Boutique was a sponsor of the kickoff for the Red Cat Jazz Cafe  3rd Annual Jazz Fest in Pearland, Texas last week at the Pearland Town Center Marriot.  Qwashae had four models pose and greet guests as they came in to listen to live music, enjoy refreshments, as well as network.

I worked with Qwashae Boutique as the makeup artist for the models and the manager.  I was also able to capture a few pictures after I was finished working with the lovely ladies.

 Here’s the manager below, Shakeina, with one of the guests

There was a good amount of press and media in attendance. 

The mayor of Pearland, Texas was there as well.

 Qwashae Boutique had it’s own table set up

Below are Shakeina and the models doing an interview with the local media

Below is the live entertainment kept that the party going

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Aww, I saw that email about this event last minute. Would have been fun to attend, as I love Jazz…loving all those red dresses!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

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