Product Battles: Urban Decay vs M.A.C. Black Eyeliners

I talked about this amazing black eyeliner in my previous post.  As I started to compare it to M.A.C. Feline, I thought that I should just do a separate post and show you how my Urban Decay’s eyeliners compare to my M.A.C. eyeliners.
From Left to Right:  M.A.C. Graphblack, Urban Decay Zero, M.A.C. Feline, and Urban Decay Perversion
Here’s a closer look at Graphblack, Zero, Feline, and Perversion.
I then added two liquid liners.  M.A.C. Superslick liquid liner (my favorite liquid liner) in On The Hunt and Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Pen (would’ve been my fave but I don’t like the applicator brush) in Perversion.
From left to right: Graphblack, Zero, Feline, Perversion Glide-On Pencil, Perversion Waterproof Liquid, and On The Hunt.  The liquid Perversion truly stands out from all of the others. 
Now, to answer the important questions.  How do they last?  Are they smudge proof?  I rubbed my hand back and forth across these eyeliners and out of all of them which one is smeared the most?  Yep, M.A.C. Feline.  I told you in the last post that I hate this eyeliner.  I don’t know why so many people love it.  Even when I put M.A.C. Carbon eyeshadow on top to “set” it (which I shouldn’t have to do) it still runs and makes me look like I’ve been crying or had a bad night. I guess most people love Feline because it’s a darker black than most pencils, but it still isn’t as black as Perversion.  My two liquid liners didn’t budge at all. 

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

good to know about feline

I love Perversion.. it's a fabulous deep, long wearing matte black. It's definitely one of my favourite black liners, but I wish it wasn't limited to sets.

As a side note, Feline is supposed to smudge. Not only is it a kohl, the kohl power pencils are super kohls, so it's only doing what it's supposed to. Probably one of the biggest product misconceptions I've seen.

Royal Beauty Designs


You just described why I love Perversion so much. As for Feline, you are correct it is supposed to smudge, but it shouldn't run and smear the way that it does on me. Perversion and Zero both glide on very smooth and I can smudge them to give a beautiful smokey eye that stays put. With Feline, I look like I have a black eye. 🙁

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