*Product Battles* M.A.C. Lightful Charged Essences vs. M.A.C. Skin Brightening Serum

Lightful Charged Essence
The texture of this product seems more gel like and not as opaque
Retail price $40
Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum
The texture of this product seems slightly thicker and more white in color
retail price $40

When the Skin Brightening Serum was initially introduced last year with the Prepped for Glamour Launch , it was a bit confusing to me as to why such a product was being released when it seemed so similar to the already existing Lightful Charged Essence.  I asked around and never really got a clear cut answer.  I finally went to www.maccosmetics.com and asked a MUA in the live chat.  She stated that there wasn’t much of a difference.  Hmmm, so what was the point?

I came up with my own theory.  It seems as though it was a plan to reach a broader audience and have more sales in the long run.  How did I come up with this conclusion?  Well Lightful Charged Essence is a part of the “higher-end” skin care for M.A.C.  It’s only sold in M.A.C. free standing stores and www.maccosmetics.com.  I would guess that M.A.C. still wanted to sell the product to other customers so they repackaged it and gave it a different name.  This way it can be sold at all counters too.  The most puzzling part of this is the way that the Lightful products were advertised to work.  It’s strongly recommended that you use all of the Lightful Products together in order for them to provide accurate results.  If this is the case, why is the Brightening Serum sold alone?  Will it still provide the desired results?

I’ve used both.  I’ve also used the Lightful Softening Lotion and the Lightful Deep Ultra moisture Creme (which is surprisingly lightweight and really good).  I’ve never used the Lightful cleanser.  I was able to see a difference in my skin when I used the two similar products without the others from the Lightful line.  I can see more of a difference when I combine the Charged Essence with the Softening Lotion and finish it with the Deep Ultra Moisture Creme.

Bottom line, it seemed as though this was a marketing tactic.

*These images were taken directly from the M.A.C. website

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I'm not particularly familiar with the Lightful line, since there aren't any local stores around. I was told that the serum used to be an exclusive product in Asia (MAC does occasionally launch Asia exclusives). Apparently it was quite popular, so they wanted to open up the market.

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