Product Battles: Laura Mercier vs Elf Tinted Moisturizers

I know you probably read the title and thought “whatever” there’s no comparison, but you may be surprised in what I discovered in comparing a very inexpensive Tinted Moisturizer to a Very expensive Tinted Moisturizer.  When I first purchased the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, I mentioned that it was a product that I would have to use sparingly.  Well what about a product that I don’t have to be as “stingy” with? I mean, is there really a difference between a $3 Tinted Moisturizer and a $42 one?

Above are the two tinted moisturizers I’m comparing along with the Black Opal Invisble Loose Matte Powder that I used to set them.  Yes, I’m still using this powder.  I’d hate to just throw it away.  I wish Black Opal had a recycling program like Kiehls and M.A.C.
 What are your thoughts?  Can you a difference.
Before I say which is which, I’ll give pros and cons of each.  
Laura Mercier
  1. The expensive price
  2. A bit dewy, not matte
  1. Surprisingly really good buildable coverage
  2. A little goes a long way so it is a high quality product 
  3. Oil Free, even though it’s not matte, it’s advertised to help reduce oiliness. (at least that’s what it says on the tube.  I didn’t notice any oil controlling properties as I wore it).
  1. Not oil free
  2. The full color range isn’t available at Target consistently
  3. More is needed to build coverage 
  1. The price is $3, if you purchase it during a sale on the elf website, it can be cheaper than that.
  2. You can buy it from Target
  3. Hydrating without feeling greasy
  4. Lightweight
So what was the answer?  On the left was the Elf Tinted Moisturizer in Almond and on the right is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Tan.  What are my conclusions about the two?  I like them both.  You would need just a tad bit more product to get more coverage than you would the Laura Mercier.  The Laura Mercier had a heavier texture to it than the Elf.  Of course you could just put maybe a powder foundation on top of it.  For most people the coverage may not even be an issue because Tinted Moisturizers aren’t designed to give coverage, more so to even out skin tone, provide hydration to the skin, and provide sun protection. So many people just want something lightweight (perfect for summer).
Bottom line is there a difference?  Yes.  Is the difference worth the huge price gap? Ehh, maybe not.  It really depends on the effect that you’re going for and your skin concerns.  The fact the Elf still has mineral oil in their Tinted Moisturizer is a HUGE problem for me.  When it comes to the way it works(how it feels on the skin, if it protects you from the sun {both have the same spf 20}, how it evens out your skin) there is only a slight difference that’s favorable to Laura Mercier. I still feel that $42 is a lot.  I think my next comparison will be between the M.A.C. Studio Moisture Tint  (retails at $29.50) and Laura Mercier.  Stay tuned…   

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

On the left you see imperfections where as on the right you have better coverage, so Laura Mercier it is! lol

The Laura Mercier def looks better. It makes your face look flawless but natural.

Royal Beauty Designs

You ladies are correct. The Laura Mercier does look better. 🙂

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