*Product Battles*: Elf vs. MAC Brush Belt

Are you looking for a professional makeup brush belt?  Well here’s my comparison of Elf vs MAC.

I purchased both brush belts last year when I started my freelance make up business.  I bought the ELF Brush Belt first because I didn’t realize that the MAC Brush belt was available on the MAC Pro website.  I tried to return the Elf Brush Belt but was informed by customer service that they didn’t accept returns or exchanges.  The rep explained that due to their prices being so inexpensive, they had a policy of all sales final.  I totally missed that memo.  I won’t ever forget it though.

My Pro MAC Brush Belt.  Last year it was $40.  Not sure if the price went up with the rest of the increase in Feb.

Elf Brush Belt.  I purchased it last year for $15. This is my first time opening it. LOL! 🙂

There’s obviously a difference in the quality and texture of the belts.  My MAC brush belt feels more like leather and is more sturdy.  Honestly, even though it feels different, The Elf brush belt will still serve its purpose and get the job done.  I’m just not sure how long it would last though.  I’m very confident that my MAC brush belt will last me years and years.  Without a doubt, I consider it one of my best investments as a freelance makeup artist.

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