Product Battles: Crown Brushes Pt. 5-C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease vs. M.A.C. #224

This is the 5th and final part of my Crown Brushes review.  The last brush I will focus on is the C412 Pointed Crease.  I’ll show you how it compares to the M.A.C. #224.

Here are the two next to each other.

The pictures show the Crown brush on the left and the M.A.C. brush on the right.  There are a few differences.  The Crown Brush’s handle is shorter and the hair is is tapered and pointed more than the #224 brush.  The C412 is a bit more dense than the #224 so it picks up more color.  It also gets in the crease a little better. Ha! Who would’ve thought right?  They both feel the same as far as texture.  They’re soft but sturdy enough to work in the crease, unlike some brushes that are too flimsy to get the job done.  The #224’s handle feels smoother as if it’s from a really nice piece of wood.  The C-412’s handle feels almost like plastic.  It’s not uncomfortable by any means, you can just tell it’s from a…cheaper quality (for lack of better words).

Now after looking at how similar the Crown Brush C433 and C412 are to the M.A.C. brushes #217 & #224, you can understand why I was so disappointed that they weren’t available on  I may just have to break down and purchase them from

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Great brush reviews! I think I'm going to definitely pick up these two brushes from Crown Brush. I do not have either the MAC 217 or 224, but I do want to get those as well. I have really enjoyed the comparisons & suggestions!

Royal Beauty Designs

Thank you Lady K,

I enjoyed posting them. You should really get these brushes if possible. At least start with the Crown Brush C433. Honestly I don't see any difference between the Crown Brush C433 and M.A.C. #217. It's the best dupe I've ever found.

It's a great all around eye brush. It works for primers, concealers, packing on shadow, highlighting, and blending. You won't go wrong with it. The only thing I'm not absolutely certain on is the longevity of Crown Brushes. I'm positive M.A.C. brushes will last years and years. I'm sort of new to Crown Brushes. I just started buying them this year. I guess time will tell.

I read in the Mac-Cosmetics form on LiveJournal that Crown manufactured brushes for Mac, that's why there's so many similarities between the two brands.

Royal Beauty Designs

I read another comment saying the same thing. I never knew that they were manufactured by the same company.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

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