Product Battles: Crown Brushes Pt. 4-C433 Pro Blending Fluff vs. M.A.C. #217

I mentioned in part 1 of this series that I wished would’ve had the dupes for the M.A.C. #224 and #217 available.  I wanted to do separate posts so that I didn’t overwhelm you all to talk about them.

The Crown Brush C433 Pro Blending Fluff (whew long name) on the left is the brush the post will focus on.

Here are the two brushes next to each other.  You can see why I was so disappointed that didn’t have these brushes.  It’s very hard to tell the difference between the two…well besides the logos. Ha ha!  As far as how they function, I honestly don’t notice a difference.  This is the absolute best dupe for a M.A.C. brush that I’ve found to date.  The next time I see them available, I’m buying 3.  I purchased this Crown Brush in March of this year.  At the time, I wasn’t sure how it was compare so I only bought one.  I totally regret that now.

Coastal Scents has a brush that looks similar on the website, but it’s always sold out, so I don’t know how it compares.   The Coastal Pro Blending Fluff Brush retails for $3.95 on their website.
 Have any of you tried the Coastal Scents brush?

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Love these posts, good to know. Maybe it's the same brush since crown manufactures the brushes for MAC

Wow, I didnt' know Crown manufactured the brushes for Mac, I just started collecting Crown brushes and I love them!

wow thank you for the lovely post! i knew crown manufactured for mac, and made amazing brushes, but i didnt know they had one this shape.

Royal Beauty Designs

@Jessica & Nana

I never knew that Crown Brush manufactured M.A.C. brushes. Hmm, you learn something new everyday. Thanks. 🙂


Which brushes do you have?

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