Product Battles: Crown Brushes Pt. 3-Deluxe Duo Fiber Crease brush

This is part 3 of my Crown Brushes review from  This post is focusing on the Deluxe Duo Fiber Crease brush.  I already had one of these from my last purchase from  I decided to go ahead and get another one since it was so inexpensive.  I really think that was an impulse by.  I didn’t need another one.  I had never used the first one.  I just love duo fiber brushes and wanted to get it.  Well, now I have two of them.

This is the picture from It’s regularly $12.38 (random price ha ha) on this website.  It’s currently 60% off which brings it to $4.95. had it on sale for $4.  I don’t know how long the 60% off sale if going on but that’s not a bad deal at all.
C429 - Deluxe Duo Crease
Here’s a picture of the brushes I purchased.  The actual brush is on the left.  It’s definitely an eye brush. You can see how much smaller it is than the two face brushes next to it.   It’s really soft and doesn’t pick up a lot of color.  I guess you could compare it to a M.A.C. #224 but thinner and not as sturdy.

So what would you use this brush for?

I went ahead and played with it a bit.  I used it to buff in my under eye concealer and to blend all my colors at the end of my eye look.   I don’t see it being that useful in the crease even though it’s marketed as a crease brush.  It would take you a very long time to build color.  I see this brush as one of those that you want just to complete your collection.  It’s definitely not a must have. has a Duo Fiber Kabuki brush on sale right now for $14.95.  I’m so tempted to get it.  I’ve never seen one of these before.  Hmmm, decisions decisions…

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Thanks for the comment on my Coastal Scents haul! I'm going to be posting a tutorial soon because there is one shadow that I'd like to redo.

Maybe you can choose using that duo fiber crease brush for things like liquid highlighters like Benefit High Beam. I think it would be perfect for that.

Royal Beauty Designs

Yeah, I could probably do that, or it may work to sweep away fall-out . It's unlikely I'd use if for shadow though.

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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