Product Battles: Crown Brushes Pt. 1 Duo Fiber Brush vs. M.A.C. #187

Yay! My brushes came in.  I ordered more Crown Brushes from Haute Look a couple of weeks ago. I was disappointed in the selection that they had available so I only purchased 5 brushes.  Here they are below

These are the brushes I was hoping to see available
They are similar to the M.A.C. #217 on the left and M.A.C. #224 on the right.   I’ll do another post to go into detail about these. Here are links to the posts *click here for M.A.C. #217 & click here for M.A.C. #224*
187 Duo Fibre Brush

My favorite face brush to use on clients is the M.A.C. #187 Brush.  It’s a terrific all around brush.  It works for liquids, powders, and creams.  This means I can use one brush for pretty much the whole face.  I can start with moisturizer then go to primer to foundation to powder to blush and finish with bronzer all using one single brush.  It saves me a lot of time, because I don’t have to reach for 3 other brushes.  Because of it’s design, it allows me to have total control of how much product I use on my client.  I can provide anywhere from very sheer coverage to full.  The fact that you stipple the product on instead of painting or sweeping it allows for that beautiful flawless finish.  I never get streaks or blotches when using this brush.  Of course I brush it off on a tissue or paper towel in between, but still that’s great.

I have two #187 brushes and two duo fiber stippling brushes from Coastal Scents.   The two from Coastal Scents get the job done but they don’t come anywhere close to the quality of the #187.  For this reason, I was hoping I would get brushes that were better dupes for the #187 than my Coastal Scents brushes.  Here are more pictures of the Crown Brush vs. the M.A.C. brush.

So what’s the conclusion? These are much better than my Coastal Scents brushes but still not as good as my #187.  The handle and ferrule (the metal part holding the hair together) are nice quality, unlike my  Coastal Scents brushes in which the ferrules look cheap.  The bristles are pretty good, however not as soft as the #187.  Even though the name of this brush was Duo Fiber Brush, it doesn’t feel as though it’s really Duo Fiber.  It feels all synthetic and no goat.  Also a huge irritation was when I washed them (which you should always do before using new brushes) they faded a bit.  This means the black is dyed. 🙁  This is a MAJOR frustration I have with my Coastal Scents brushes.  Every time I wash them, the black fades on the white.  Mind you, I’ve had these brushes for about 2 1/2 yrs now.  No more dye should still fade at this point. Hmph!!  Another observation was that the black bristles are longer on the Crown Brushes than the M.A.C. brush, but it appears there may be more white bristles than on the M.A.C. brush.   See below.
All in all, the brushes are not bad.  As it relates to the difference in pricing, the M.A.C. #187 retails at $42 while the Crown Brush Duo Fiber brush on was $7.  They work extremely well for $7. 
These days I see plenty of companies with duo fiber brushes.  Which ones do you prefer? 

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I currently do not have the MAC 187, although it is on my one day wishlist! I have a duo fiber brush much like the 187 I purchased from Target. It's a Studio Tools brush & it was on clearance for about $3 or $4 at the time. I really like the way it performs. It's very soft and It has never bleed or shed on me. I'm not sure if they still have the brush or not, but to me it's a great dupe for the 187.

Royal Beauty Designs

Hey Lady K!!

Even though $42 is expensive for a brush, it's a wonderful investment. I have yet to find any other brush that has the same quality and produces the same effects as the #187. I'm familiar with Studio tools. I have a couple of those brushes. I haven't seen their Duo Fiber brush though. Maybe it's really popular and Target has a hard time keeping it stocked. Ha ha! 🙂 I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

I actually love the stippling brush from studio tech at target. Haven't tried any higher end ones because that one works so well.

Royal Beauty Designs

Thanks Jessica! Ok, now I'll really be looking for it.

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