Jan 232015

BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Glosses

My 1st thought when I read “Matte Lip gloss” was that doesn’t make sense. How can something be a gloss and a matte. Then I thought, well maybe it’s like a liquid lipstick. Either way, due to the colors being pretty and all Loreal products being $2 off at HEB, I figured I’d give them a try.

BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Glosses LabelsBeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Glosses Swatches

They’re not actually matte. They glide on smoothly and feel nice on my lips, but they still have shine and never dry down to a real matte texture. Even though they last pretty well throughout the day, they do still transfer.

Here’s Blushing Ambition
BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Blushing Ambition Label
BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Gloss Blushing Ambition

BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Gloss Blushing Ambition on Lips

 Here’s Fuchsia Amnesia
Facetune-20150122-2114121900BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Fuchsia Amnesia2015-01-19 13.08.41-1

This is Tantalizing Tangerine BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Gloss Tantalizing TangerineKODAK Digital Still Camera

And the last one I got was Aphrodite Kiss
2015-01-19 13.38.35-1BeautyByLeRenda Loreal Infallible Limited Edition Pro Matte Gloss Aphrodite Kiss2015-01-19 13.33.12-1

I definitely like that they’re fully pigmented. The color pay off is great.  I’m not sure how long they’ll be available so if you look fully pigmented,  long lasting inexpensive lip glosses, I’d recommend you go get these soon.

Jan 132015

After the leaving MBFW I attended a NYFW Beauty Mixer called “Relax Relate Relase” hosted by Social Media Gurus Kela Walker, Ty Alexander of GorgeousInGrey, and Christen of Divas and Dorks who started the Digital Sorority.   It was held at the Inglot Studio in SoHo to celebrate the end of another successful New York Fashion Week.  Before I go any further, I need to make a disclaimer.  I lost a lot of my NYFW pictures.  For some reason, not all of my pictures transferred to my dropbox.  :-(  As a result, I’ll be posting my Instagram posts.  At least I still have those.  Thank God.

The ladies had a cool set up towards the back of the Inglot studio with lights (looked like Glamcor, but I’m not sure) an iPad on a stand, and a big screen TV.  We were able to take selfies, usies, and wesies during the event and instantly post them to our social media accounts.  They even had cute little signs for us to hold up with pre-printed titles and hashtags. :-)




BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Inglot Beauty Mixer Usies

  This was such a fun event! There were Makeup Artists doing makeup demos and Hairstylists from Angela’s Hair Salon NYC doing hair.  AT&T gave away a cell phone and Otterbox gave out cases.  They had light refreshments and gave away goodie bags.  (sorry I don’t have those pictures anymore.  *cries*)  The Instagram collage below is the closest thing I have left. BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Inglot Beauty Mixer CollageBeautyByLeRenda Swag Bag from Inglot NYFW RRR Party

Here’s the goodie bag we received at the NYFW Relax Relate Release Party. :-)

Jan 112015

This post will focus on the last day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I was privileged to attend the Dorin Negrau show.

BeautybyLeRenda MBFW Entrance

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 waiting for Dorin NegrauAbove, the lights had just dimmed as the show was about to start.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 1st modelDorin Negrau’s 1st model to walk the runway.  It was a bit theatrical. Below are more of the models walking the runway.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 2nd ModelBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau back of 2nd modelThere were some great pieces in this collection.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau 3rd ModelBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 4BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 5BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 6 FrontBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 7BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 7 Back ViewBeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Model 8The models making their grand finale walk on the runway.
BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Models Final WalkHere’s Fashion Designer Dorin Negrau making his appearance after the final walk of the models.BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau Fashion Designer

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW 2014 Dorin Negrau

After the show, I hung around for a while to experience everything MBFW had to offer.  It was a lot of fun.  There were booths set up from different companies and most of them provided goodies and picture opportunities. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW Inside the Tent of NYFW

BeautyByLeRenda in new Mercedes at NYFW MBFWBeautyByLeRenda in Driver Seat of new Mercedes at MBFW

They even had free refreshments & charging stations! BeautyByLeRenda MBFW RefreshmentsBeautyByLeRenda MBFW Charging stationThe Pandora booth offered free flash tattoos.  The elephant immediately caught my eyears of course! :-) BeautyByLeRenda at MBFW with Flash Tattoo

Jan 102015

BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Life Is Lust Fashion Show Flyer


This post will focus on the third Fashion Show I worked on. I did makeup for Fashion Designers Yanell Galva and Ricardo Cabrera.

Me with two of the male models I worked with for Ricardo Cabrera.

With Rayme Clay and JMills at Life Is LustModel Raemi on the left and model Jay Millz on the right. These guys were super cool and had everyone laughing backstage. We had such a great time that it didn’t even feel like work.

BeautybyLeRenda grooming on Raemi Clay walking for Designer Ricardo Cabrera *The picture above is from Ricardo’s Instagram*

BeautyByLeRenda Male Grooming on Model KILLS for Ricardo Cabrera 

Me working backstage on a model walking for Yanell Galva. The look included a bold and pretty orange lip.  I used Magnolia Makeup.

BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Creating Orange lip look on Model for designer Yanell Galva

BeautyByLeRenda Makeup done for Model walking for Yanell Galva I Post

Below are looks I created for the female models walking for Ricardo Cabrera. He requested gold lids,  glowing skin, with nude lips.

BeautyByLeRenda Doing making up model for Ricardo Cabrera NYFW

BeautyByLeRenda Makeup done for model walking for Ricardo Cabrera NYFW

Yay for another Step and Repeat! LOL! :-P
BeautyByLeRenda On the Step and Repeat at Life Is Lust Fashion Show NYFW

Jan 082015

Welcome to part 2 of my New York Fashion Week Sept 2014 Recap.  To see part 1, click here.  This post will focus on the Fashion Shows that I worked with backstage as a makeup artist.  I worked on 3 shows while in NYC for NYFW.  The first two were with African Fashion Week New York and the third one was called “Life is Lust Fashion Show”, which exhibited local NYC fashion designers. In this post, I’ll focus on African Fashion Week.

BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Headed to worknow my 3rd All packed and ready to go! :-)


A few selfies before starting my work day.  Y’all have no idea just how happy I was to be working in NYC again!! :-) BeautyByLeRenda Selfie with Zuca before AFWNYC Show NYFW

 This was a huge event with lots of press and fashion designers from all over Africa.  These are a few pictures of the designers being interviewed. It was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion,  which was awesome because I knew exactly where it was.  That’s the same venue as The Makeup Show NYC! I worked there last year with AJ Crimson.  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Press interviewng Fashion Designers BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Fashion Designer being interviewed 2 Here are a few backstage pictures below.

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Day 1 Work Station The picture above, is my work station at African Fashion Week New York 2014.

BeautyByLeRenda BTS Working on NYC Model Jo for AFWNYC NYFW cropped Here I am working with NYC Model Joey.  Below are a few selfies of us.  She was so sweet.

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Sept 2014 IG post from Model JoeyScreenshot_2015-01-08-18-43-07

Below I’m with my Glam Squad Team Member NYC Manicurist and Makeup Artist Vanessa.   I had so much fun working with her.  :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Sept 2014 Selfies with Manicurist Vanessa

We didn’t have a lot of space for the Makeup and Hair Glam Squad so we had to do makeup where ever we could find a spot.  Below, I’m working on NYC Model Juanita. She has an awesome personality was such a pleasure to work with.  BeautyByLeRenda Working BTS with NYC Model Juanita for AFWNYC NYFW Day 2

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Juanitas finished lookJuanita was fierce on the runway!
BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Juanita werking the Runway 1Screenshot_2015-01-08-18-41-37

Here I am working with NYC model Tanesha and NYC Manicurist Gina.  I was so happy to work with Tanesha again.  We worked together eariler in the year for NYFW in Feb. So nice to see a familiar face in such a big city. :-)

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Collage with Model Tanesha and Nail Tech GinaHere’s a picture of Tanesha werking the Runway!Screenshot_2015-01-08-18-43-21

Below, I’m doing makeup while NYC Manicurist Carmen is doing nails.BeautyByLeRenda AFFW 2014 IG post of me doing makeup and Carmen doing nails

 Below is a collage of another model I worked with.  I can’t remember her name, but I remember she currently lives in Europe.BeautyByLeRenda AFWNY Model

I didn’t realize the two bottom pictures were so blurry until after I left.  :-(
BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Models Backstage

BeautybyLeRenda AFWNY 2014 Backstage BTS20140905_203307

BeautyByLeRenda AFWNYC NYFW Models They had a step and repeat so I HAD to take a pic before I left. Ha! :-)

BeautyByLeRenda Posing with Zuca on Step and Repeat after AFWNYC NYFW show Make sure you check out part 3 of my NYFW SEPT 2014 Recap.

Jan 062015

BeautyByLeRenda NY Sept in front of MBFW SignI never got a chance to do a recap of my New York Fashion Week experience from a few months ago. I’m going to break it down into a 4 parts.  I was elated to have the amazing opportunity to return to New York City to work as a professional makeup artist during New York Fashion Week. I also was blessed with the chance to attend a couple of the Fashion Shows at the Lincoln Center Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW Selfie in front of Lincoln Center NYFW

BeautyByLeRenda MBFW Sign outside NYFWBeautyByLeRenda in front of MBFW outsideThe first show I attended at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or MBFW was the Meskita Spring/Summer 2015 show.

BeautyByLeRenda Model walking runway for Meskita NYFW show MBFW

This show was more like a production. There was great music and lighting the entire time the models walked the runway. There was even a grand finale where the models came out one by one and formed a pyramid then walked down the runway in formation. BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Sept 2014 Meskita finale 2BeautyByLeRenda NYFW Sept 2014 Meskita Finale walk 1

It was hard to believe that after all these years, I was actually inside of the “tents” and had a seat during a MBFW show. BeautyByLeRenda sitting in the Meskita show at MBFW NYFW Shout out to my fellow Houston Fashion Blogger and NYC Roomie Shasie of LiveLifeInStyle.com for helping me get to this Meskita S/S 2015 show. Here we are below. :-)BeautyByLeRenda with fellow HFB member MBFWThis night was another dream come true.  I can finally officially say I was  at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! I’m so grateful!!  :-)

 Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 where I’ll recap the Fashion Shows I worked on.