OPI Green Nails of the Week (NOTW)

So after my failed attempt to do a quick and easy nail of the week with the Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips, I decided to go back to my traditional nail polish.  I haven’t done green nails in a while so I used OPI Who The Shrek Are You polish.

I used the other four polishes as a part of my design on my ring finger.

I had fun with these colors. 🙂  See below for a list of how I created the look.

  1. I polished all of my nails with OPI Polish in Who The Shrek Are You
  2. I used Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint in Silver Glitter on my ring finger in a diagonal line across my nail. I LOVE these.  I have it in white as well.  They come in all colors.  I purchased them from my local beauty supply store.  I’ve seen them in Sally’s but they were more expensive.
  3. I used 2012 Cracked Nail Polish in Tomorrow on the outer side of the line
  4. I used China Glaze Crackle Glaze polish in Lightening Bolt on the inner side of the line.
  5. Lastly I polished KleanColor Nail Polish in Aurora all over the nail.

From what I’ve read on other blogs and social media outlets, crackle polishes are hit or miss.  It appears that a lot of people don’t like them.  I think they’re good to play with if you want a quick design but don’t necessarily have a steady hand. The downside is that you can’t predict what the effect will be like.  It seems as though each time I use a crackle polish, it shatters differently.  The effect can sometimes look more like a mistake than a design. Ha ha! 🙂  It can also look a bit dull, so this is the reason I tend to put confetti polishes on top.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

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I'm usually not a fan of lime green nail polish but I have to say I really like the OPI Shrek green. Really cute and I love your design.

I am wearing gold crackle nail polish for this week.

Hey Malanb!

I have to agree with you. I'n not big on lime green polish either, but this one was so different from any other polish that I owned so I decided to try it. It's fun, not one of my "go to favorites" but fun if I want a different look.

So you're wearing a crackle nail polish as well? I guess I'm not the only one who likes them. 🙂 What did you pair the gold with? I have a yellow 2012 one but so far I haven't found a good combo for except wearing it over white.

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