Noxema Clean Moisture Makeup Removal Cloths

And the search continues for another brand of makeup remover wipes. This time I tried Noxema Clean Moisture Makeup Removal Cloths.  They were on sale at H.E.B. Grocery Store for $1 off.  Which brought them down to $2.89.

I’ve never seen or heard about these before.  I’m not sure how long they’ve been around.  I figured since there were pretty inexpensive, it couldn’t hurt to give them a try.

So what are my conclusions?  They’re okay.  There’s a fragrance but it’s not too strong.  I noticed that my skin felt smooth, refreshed, and hydrated.  There was no burning on my eyes, face, or lips.  I don’t care for the texture of the wipe.  It feels very flimsy.  I do like the fact that they were moist and removed my make up with 2 wipes.   I’d only buy these again if they were on sale and I was out of my favorite Ponds wipes.  Overall, I’m glad I purchased them to find out I have another inexpensive option out there.

Have you ever heard of the Noxema Makeup Removal Cloths?  If so, have you tried them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts about them.

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