Neutrogena Sunblock 55 Review

I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago as a part of my Target Haul for $8.95.  I am so happy with both of these products.  The Sunblock rubs in really well without the white/blueish residue and isn’t greasy.  The lip balm is hydrating without being sticky.  I totally won with this bonus combo.  The Sunblock by itself retails for $9.37 on the Neutrogena website.  I finally found an inexpensive dupe for the Clinique sunblock I used to wear. The only con was that it still smells like Sunblock.  The clinique one didn’t have any smell.  I would absolutely recommend you purchasing this product, especially if you can find the Sunblock/lip balm bonus pack.  I’m going to Target again tomorrow to see if they still have them.  If they do, I’m buying two more. LOL!

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