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So after hearing so many people rant and rave about how wonderful Nars blushes are, I finally caved and bought some.  A couple of weeks ago Nars had a “20% off your entire purchase” sale on their website.  I knew I needed to be sensible and not spend too much because I was getting ready to go to Canada.  So I narrowed my purchase to just 3 blushes.  I made my final decisions based on Lily Seymour’s post of her Nars blush collection.  She has a great blog post and video of color swatches.  This was a tremendous help, especially for Taj Mahal because Sephora doesn’t carry this color anymore.

On the left is Taj Mahal (Woo Hoo! I finally got it!).  In the middle is Albatross.  On the Right is
 Exhibit A.  They retail for $26 regularly.
I’m really pleased with my products.  Nars is famous for their blushes.  They’re most popular one is Orgasm. Other colors I hear people rave about are Super Orgasm, Love Joy, and Deep Throat.  I haven’t had a chance to play with Love Joy, but on the website (which I know doesn’t do the colors justice) it didn’t seem that much different from my M.A.C. Love Joy (which I absolutely love).  I’ll have to check when I go back to Sephora. 
Lovejoy Blush
Love Joy 
Orgasm BlushSuper Orgasm BlushDeep Throat Blush
From left to right: Orgasm, Super Orgasm, and  below is Deep Throat.  Orgasm reminds me of one of my favorite blushes of all times M.A.C. Warm Soul Mineralize blush.  
As for the other three blushes mentioned above, I refuse to wear products with those names. That’s just me being old fashioned.  There’s no way I will feel comfortable telling my co-workers, my church members, or my mom that the blush that I’m wearing is called Orgasm or Deep Throat.  Sorry, that’s just inappropriate for my comfort level.  But, from what I hear, the colors are universal and pretty. I’m going to pass though.
Here they are swatched on my arm.  Can you believe the color payoff? Very good quality indeed. 🙂
Nars Albatross on top and M.A.C. Vanilla Pigment at the bottom.
After swatching Albatross I thought, “Oh no, this looks just like my beloved M.A.C. Vanilla Pigment!”. Did I just waste my money?  
In the left picture Albatross is on my middle finger and Vanilla Pigment is on my pointer finger.
On the right picture the left swatch is Vanilla Pigment and the swatch on the right is Albatross. 
After swatching them side by side my conclusion was no.  They are similar, however there are differences in texture and color.  Nars Albatross is a bit more golden and slightly darker in color and more of a satin finish with smoother particles vs. M.A.C. Vanilla pigment being lighter and more iridescent with a frosty finish and bigger specks.
I can see that I will be having tons of fun creating looks with these beautiful blushes.  Lily Seymour recommended Luster blush.  The funny thing is that I had that in my cart along with a cream blush named Enchanted, but I had to be responsible and not over spend. 🙁  I do plan to get Luster in the future though. 
Enchanted Cream BlushLuster Blush
On the left is Enchanted Cream Blush and on the right is Luster Blush.  
Have you all used Nars Blushes?  What are your thoughts on them?  What looks do you pair with them?
*Some of the pictures of the blushes were taken from the Nars website.*

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I love their blushes. I have Exhibit A, Torrid, and Albatross. I think Exhibit A and Albatross are very flattering on brown skin and Torrid has a better pink-gold color for me than Orgasm and Super Orgasm (I have the lip gloss in Super Orgasm and I really like it). The colors are highly pigmented so a dab will do but that high pigmentation also caused breakouts on my cheeks so I MUST use primer first.

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

I have albatross and taj mahal and love them!

Mel!!!! 😀

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I totally agree with the fact that they are highly pigmented. I keep forgetting that a tiny bit goes a long way as a result, I've ended up with a bolder cheek than intended. Ha ha! You seriously only have to dab the brush in, no swiping or swirling necessary. I'll try that combo. I've combined Taj Mahal and Albatross and it was beautiful. Off to do a new look with Albatross and Exhibit A now…

Love you Nars haul and you made some excellent choices. Don't run out and buy Super Orgasm because I have mine for sale on my Blog under the Sale tab if you're interested.

I actually have Deep Throat- yeah, me the pastor's wife with a blush named that! It is a really pretty pink that's quite flattering on my brown skin. I also have Orgasm the Multiple stick, which can be used in different ways. It's okay as I got it in a set from Sephora, but I wouldn't purchase it again. I need that Taj Mahal in my life and will be getting it as soon as I get my Nars pro discount or another sale comes!

LOL! @ Lady K having Deep Throat and Orgasm blushes.

Not judging at all. Like I said, they're very popular and I hear people talk about them all of the time. I just know with my luck, I'd get the older sister to come up to me asking "baby that color is pretty on your cheeks. what color rouge is that?" I'd be totally embarrassed saying it's Deep Throat or Orgasm. Ha ha!

You really do need to try Taj Mahal wonderful. It brings such a beautiful glow to your skin without being overly frosty. 🙂

I think those are some really nice choices! As you know I love Luster and it's my go-to highlighter. Thanks for the tips about wearing the Illuminator under my foundation, i'm going to try it for a different look.

Have you been to the Mac-Cosmetics online commiunity at This is wear I find all the LE Mac items that's discontinued, lots of sellers here that have good feedback on Makeup Alley.

Thanks for giving me a shout out! I was searching for something and your swatches came up.

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