Nars Blushes: Exhibit A with Albatross Look

These are such beautiful colors
This is the payoff you get from barely swiping the brush across the Exhibit A blush.  Whoa!!

Here are pictures of what they look like on me.  
Nars Exhibit A is a very popular blush even with celebs.  Check out this post from 🙂

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Such beautiful blushes! I love them and I love NARS. They both look great on you 🙂

Very pretty!

Very nice! Two of my favorites blushes from NARS!

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera


@Miss Dre

Thank you. I think I will be falling in love with Nars too. 🙂

@Lily Seymour



Thank you! These two are quickly becoming 2 of my favorites as well.

@ Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Thanks! 🙂

I love NARS but they are a little outta my price range, so I bought a Sleek makeup blush that a dupe and I love it!

Royal Beauty Designs


I've been hearing more and more people talk about Sleek makeup. Which blushes do you have that are dupes? I'm always open to dupes. 🙂

I've also heard that Sleek takes a long time to be shipped so I'm curious to hear your experiences with them.

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