Nails of The Week (NOTW) Look 1

This was an experiment. I was curious to see how I could use white polish and make it work with other colors, particularly crackle/shatter polishes.

Here are the steps I used to get the look above.

  Initially I planned to do two different looks, but started getting sleepy and was only able to do one.  I ended up doing the 2nd look the next day.  So in this post I’ll focus on Look 1.  I used all of the polishes except the yellow and dark teal (the two on the right end) for Look 1.

I polished my nails with the white polish, then added 2012 and China Glaze Crackle polishes on the tips in a diagonal.

Next I added the Sally Hansen Crackle Polish right beneath the 2012 Crackle polish.

Then I added the purple China Glaze Polish.

Afterwards I applied the Klean Color Polish in Aurora which is a very pretty confetti polish.

 Here’s the finished look below.

I was trying to get as much light as I could without having to go outside in the hot Houston Sun. I figured I’d get right next to the window.  I kind of like the background effect.

LOL! My baby boy King Solomon was concerned at the fact I kept standing by the window with my hand up and ended up in one of my pics. Ha ha! 😀

What are you wearing on your nails? Do you ever create your own nail art?

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