My Vacation Trip to Canada

Hey everyone! I went to Vancouver, B.C. Canada this week.  This was my 3rd time visiting this great city.  I had an amazing time.  Vancouver is so beautiful and the people are really nice. While I was there, of course I had to look at cosmetics.  I found a M.A.C. Pro store and a fantastic cosmetic department inside of Sears.

Here are a few pics from my trip.  I promise not to bore you with too many.  LOL! πŸ˜€

Crossing the U.S. /Canada Border
Vancouver is only 25 miles away from the border
The 2010 Olympics were held here.  On the top is the Convention Center and on the bottom is where the Olympic torch was lit. Check out the whale on the right. Awesome sculpture. πŸ™‚
These were taken at Stanley Park, which is the largest park in North America, even bigger than New York’s Central Park.  On the left is a tribute to the 1st Nations. On the right is Inuksuk, which is a symbol of Canada. It’s a stone landmark shaped after a human figure that was used as a navigation tool and landmark.  It also represents all humans being connected to each other.  You can see this symbol in all sorts of varieties in souvenir shops.  The park is named after Sir Stanley of Preston and was opened in 1888.  Interesting fact: the Stanley Cup for Hockey is named after Sir Stanley as well. πŸ™‚
This is me at Queen Elizabeth park standing next to bronze figures called “Photo Session”.  Queen Elizabeth Park is the 2nd most visited park in Vancouver.  It’s famous for it’s Sunken garden (pictured on the right) and Conservatory (home to exotic birds, fish, and plants).  I’m standing at the top of the Sunken Garden.  It’s at the highest point of Vancouver.  Check out the view behind me.  
This is a picture of the Telus World Of Science which has an Omnimax theater inside.  It was originally built for the 1986 World Expo.  I was actually at that Expo.  I remember it was really cold even though it was summer time.  I was about 6-7 then, and I distinctly remember wearing my red London Fog coat. Ha ha!  πŸ˜€
What can I say about this Sears?  It’s 3 levels with a huge cosmetic department, a tourist store, and a cafe. 
  Can you believe it? Sears is drastically different in Canada than in the U.S.  Before I went to this store, I hadn’t been to a Sears in years.  If I lived in Vancouver, I’d be there quite often. LOL! 
Check out the Cosmetics Department inside of Sears.  This was a picture from the back end.  There were several lines there:  Clinique, Lancome, Estee’ Lauder, Guerlain, and some others, I can’t remember right now.  I don’t ever remember seeing this in any Sears I’ve been to in the U.S.  When I think of Sears, I think of houseware, electronics/appliances, and auto stuff (batteries and tires).  Vancouver certainly changed my view of this chain.  They even had Cargo and Anna Sui counters.  I’ve never seen these in department stores here in the states.   I was very excited about the Cargo counter.  I’ve been wanting Laguna blush for over a year.  I finally got it at Sears of all places. Ha ha. 
I found a M.A.C. Pro Store.  Did you notice that it’s next door to Ferragamo?  I wish I could tell you that I came home with a new bags and shoes…but this was not the case.  *sigh* one day. πŸ™‚
The M.A.C. Zuca bag is on the right.  I really, really want a Zuca bag.  I’ve heard so many MUAs talk about how life changing it’s been for them.  I’m hoping the M.A.C. version is different because I wasn’t impressed after seeing it in person.  It seemed a lot smaller than what I was expecting.  Maybe it does a great job of expanding once you put products in it? I wasn’t sure so I held off.  I think I’ll wait to purchase my Zuca when I can go to either The Make Up Show or IMATS next year.  
I love these set ups for make-over sessions. 
I had a blast. The weather was nice and cool. We had lows of 53 and highs of 72 degrees. Sure wish I could’ve brought that back to Houston.  It was 109 degrees when I left Houston to go to Seattle. When my family came to pick me up, I walked out to the car and the first thing I said was “Whoa! It’s Cold!”  It was 63 degrees there.
On our way back to the states. 
Home in the USA!  Why did Miley Cyrus come to mind?  Ha ha! Yeah, Party in the USA!!

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Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera

Looks like a beautiful city

Royal Beauty Designs

Oh it really is Jessica! If you ever get a chance to go you should.

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