My Top 5 October Favorite Cosmetic Products!

Here is a list of my favorite cosmetic products from last month.

Retails for $23.  For more info go here.
  1. M.A.C. Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder/Pressed.  So glad that the best powder that works to absorb my oiliness is in a convenient compact.  Now I have to admit, it DOES NOT work as well as the original version.  There’s just something about having a loose powder that really does work better than compact powders for controlling oil.  The M.A.C. Prep and Prime Compact Powder does work better than all of my other compacts including M.A.C. Blot Powder.  I believe having corn starch is what sets these two powders a part from all of the rest.
It retails anywhere from $3.99-$7.00 depending on the retailer.
For more info, go here

I’ve talked a bout these Ponds wipes a few times before.  What can I say except that I truly love them and I shouldn’t have stopped using them in the first place.  I started back using them more frequently after I ran out of the Oil Of Olay wipes (which I would not recommend because they were too dry and they burned my eyes a  bit).  These wipes are consistently moist from the time you open the package until the very last one.  They totally remove all of my make up and leave my face feeling fresh.  There is a fragrance but it’s very soft and doesn’t bother me.  I really love the size and the texture.  They are thorough enough to where I don’t have to use 5 to get my face clean. That’s a relief.


1.5oz retails $34 and 4oz retails for $75
Dr. Denese Defense Day Cream. This is the most amazing moisturizer I’ve ever found for my oily skin.  Trust me, that’s not an easy thing for me to say, as I have tried soooo many and never truly been completely satisfied.  I will do a more detailed review of this product later, but the I’m extremely pleased that it has an SPF 30 and it leaves a matte finish.
This product retails for only $3. You can get it cheaper with all of the different discounts Elf provides.  Sign up for their emails and you’ll know when they offer the best deals.

4.  Elf Lips Stain has really been helpful and proven to reassure me that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on products in order for them to be good quality.  I talk a lot at my job and normal lip products tend to fade away throughout the day.  These lip stains have really held up well.  I would compare them to M.A.C. Prolongwear Lipcolour but they are significantly cheaper as Prolongwear lipcolors retail at $22.  I’ve noticed that the Elf Lip Stains don’t make my lips feel as dry.


Retails at $27
Nars Taj Mahal Blush is just…fantastic! I think I used this blush almost everyday in October.  My favorite combo is using this on my cheeks, Cover Girl Queen Collection Ebony Bronze Bronzing Powder as my contour, and M.A.C. Vanilla Pigment as my highlighter.  It’s the perfect color on my skin.  It gives just enough orange without being too orange.  It also brings out a pretty golden glow to my skin. I now know why so many women rant and rave about it.  The fact that you only need to gently swipe your brush across this blush is even better.  It’s full of pigment so it will last a very long time. 🙂
What were your favorite products from last month?
*All of the pictures above were taken from the companies’ websites*

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