My New Tarte Make Up Brush

I got a new make up brush for Christmas!! My mom bought me this brush after I asked her for the one she had…that she wouldn’t give me. LOL!


I don’t hear too many people talk about Tarte’s brushes.  I was highly impressed with this one.  It’s really dense and soft and seems as though it will pick up a good amount of product and will allow me to buff it into my skin really well.  Of course I’ll post an update after I actually use it.  I was just so excited to have it that I wanted to post about it.  I will say that it’s not as soft as my M.A.C. #182, but it still feels good. I took this picture from the M.A.C. website.  

I love these types of brushes with the longer handles like my Smashbox Face & Body Brush #19. It gives me a better sense of control and I don’t accidentally apply too much product.   Here’s a picture of the brush I’m talking about.  It was taken from the Smashbox website.  I’ll do a more thorough comparison of these two brushes at a later time.


I just checked the Tarte Website and didn’t see this brush offered.  I guess it was a special promotion product.  That’s unfortunate because I wanted to purchase another for my make up kit.  I did see where they had a limited edition brush set that’s now sold out.  It looks like it was really nice and it was purple.  I hate I missed out on it.  The picture below is from the Tarte website.


When I think of Tarte, I think of their Amazon Clay Blushes.   Here’s a picture of a Tarte Blush from the Tarte website.

What products do you have from Tarte?  What are your thoughts about them?

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I've always wanted to ask a makeup artist this. Does the type of hair on a brush really make a difference and if so how? I use really cheap makeup brushes, but i don't really see how a more expensive one would change my overall look.

Hey Shasie!

There is definitely a difference in the types of brushes and the hair. Even though expensive doesn't always equal better, for the most part you can tell the difference in the application of products and the texture of the hair. Overall, my favorite brand for brushes is M.A.C. (which I consider to be expensive) however, I have brushes from Coastal Scents, Crown Brush, Elf, and Sonia Kashuk (I consider these to be less expensive) that I absolutely love.

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