My New Tarte Make Up Brush

I got a new make up brush for Christmas!! My mom bought me this brush after I asked her for the one she had…that she wouldn’t give me. LOL!


I don’t hear too many people talk about Tarte’s brushes.  I was highly impressed with this one.  It’s really dense and soft and seems as though it will pick up a good amount of product and will allow me to buff it into my skin really well.  Of course I’ll post an update after I actually use it.  I was just so excited to have it that I wanted to post about it.  I will say that it’s not as soft as my M.A.C. #182, but it still feels good. I took this picture from the M.A.C. website.  

I love these types of brushes with the longer handles like my Smashbox Face & Body Brush #19. It gives me a better sense of control and I don’t accidentally apply too much product.   Here’s a picture of the brush I’m talking about.  It was taken from the Smashbox website.  I’ll do a more thorough comparison of these two brushes at a later time.


I just checked the Tarte Website and didn’t see this brush offered.  I guess it was a special promotion product.  That’s unfortunate because I wanted to purchase another for my make up kit.  I did see where they had a limited edition brush set that’s now sold out.  It looks like it was really nice and it was purple.  I hate I missed out on it.  The picture below is from the Tarte website.


When I think of Tarte, I think of their Amazon Clay Blushes.   Here’s a picture of a Tarte Blush from the Tarte website.

What products do you have from Tarte?  What are your thoughts about them?

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I've always wanted to ask a makeup artist this. Does the type of hair on a brush really make a difference and if so how? I use really cheap makeup brushes, but i don't really see how a more expensive one would change my overall look.

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