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I’m always curious where people put on they’re make up.  I would guess the majority of people put their make-up on in the bathroom.  This is where I used to put my make-up on until I realized that my bathroom lights were very different from the natural light.  I had too many occasions of overly done make-up because it wasn’t showing in my bathroom but was like WHOA when I got in the car!  Ha ha!

I started applying my make-up in an area of my house that gets more sunlight and it made a huge difference.  I have most of my make-up stored in that area now and I very rarely apply it in the bathroom anymore.  For a while, I was using a cute hand held mirror that I received as a gift while working for Clinique a couple of years ago.  It has a folding cover so I could set it on my table and do my make-up. This was okay for a while but I really wanted a bigger, more professional looking mirror that would be closer to a vanity mirror.  I purchased a mirror from target by Conair in May that worked okay, but I wasn’t really satisfied with it.  I later went to and read reviews about the Jerdon Mirror that I eventually purchased last month.  See below.

5x Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror

This mirror retails for $29.99.  It’s called the 5x Deluxe Lighted Make-Up Mirror.  It has changeable lighting settings that allow you to choose between daylight, evening, office, and home.  There are 3 different mirrors.  The two side mirrors can move front and back so you can see different angles of yourself.  The bigger middle mirror is double sided.  One side is magnified 5x while the other side is the regular mirror.  It also has an adjustable backstand that allows it to stand up on it’s own.  Even better, is that it has an electrical outlet in the front so that you can plug up other appliances.  I use my outlet to plug up my lamp that sits on the table.  I try to get as much light as possible.

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