My first Nail post "Graffiti Art"

I couldn’t couldn’t fall asleep last night so I decided to try playing with polish and seeing what cool designs I could come up with.  I mixed a few China Glaze Crackle polishes that I purchased with my Beauty Supply Haul a couple of weeks ago and added some other polishes and nail art that I already owned.

Still a novice when it comes to nail polish but I have fun with it.  I started off with my Sally Hansen yellow polish in Lightening. I then went over it with my China Glaze white Crackle polish.  Then I put my China Glaze purple Crackle Polish over it.  Next I added my silver glitter and white Nail Art polishes  and lastly I added dots of my Sally Hansen Xtreme Polish in Orange.

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How we can remove nail polish immediately. Please give me suggestions.

Carlos Saunders
glitter nail

Royal Beauty Designs

For a quick removal, you may want to use some pure acetone, just don't use it on acrylic nails because the acetone will melt them. You may also need to moisturize afterwards because the acetone can be drying. Hope that helps.

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