My 5 Favorite M.A.C. Pigments

M.A.C Pigments are amazing products that are extremely versatile.  You can use them on your eyes, lips, cheeks, fingernail polish, and body.

M.A.C. Pigments retail for $20.  They can be used wet or dry or you can combine them with mixing medium to make eyeliner.  Only a small amount is needed so they are a great value.  They come in a 0.15oz container but the product will last you for years.

Above  from Left to Right: Vanilla, Naked, and Blue Brown.  I only have samples of my other two favorites which are Lithe (limited edition) and Dark Soul.

From Left to Right:  Blue Brown, Lithe, Vanilla, Naked, and Dark Soul.

  1. Naked Pigment is hands down my ultimate favorite pigment for myself as well as my clients.  It works on absolutely everyone.  It’s such a beautiful neutral color with a smooth finish.  I’ve used this on different skin tones and it always works.  It’s the perfect brow highlight for most skin colors and it’s always a beautiful lid color on everyone.   Naked also makes a gorgeous lip color either alone or mixed in with another color.  My favorite way to use it on the lips is to dab just a bit in the middle.  It adds great dimension. 🙂  Another way I love using Naked Pigment is as a cheek highlight, but usually on medium dark to lighter shades.  For darker shades, I’ll use Vanilla or Lithe.
  2. Vanilla Pigment is my second favorite M.A.C. Pigment and my favorite highlight on myself.  I use it almost everyday.  When I want a brow highlight that’s a little darker than Naked, I’ll use it.  I also like this color on the lips.  Vanilla is a bit deceiving because it appears to be white however it’s a really light golden color.  It has more frost and bigger specks than Naked and Lithe so it can appear more dramatic.
  3. Lithe is that perfect in between color.  It’s still neutral but darker than Vanilla with the same smooth texture as Naked.  I use it in the same ways as Naked and Vanilla.  
  4. Blue Brown pigment is one of those mysterious colors that changes depending on the way the light hits it.  It’s lovely worn alone on the eye.  I like to use it from the lid and blended up to the crease.  It also makes a really cool fingernail polish.  Just mix it with some clear and you have an awesome new shade. 🙂
  5. Dark Soul pigment is spectacular to make a bold smokey eye.  I like using it on the lid then blending it to the outer crease and the lower lash line.  It also works to add drama when used in the crease with other colors.  Dark Soul makes a ravishing eyeliner as well as a terrific nail polish.

What are your favorite Pigments?

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Naked and Vanilla you always hear about being faves, esp Vanilla! MAC Pigments are so beautiful… I love to press them. My daughter had this Hello Kitty Lip Gloss palette and it was all of these different sized round pans. I couldn't wait for her to finish it up so I could clean it and use it to press pigments haha

Hey Brooke! Yes, you cannot go wrong with those two. Cool use of the Hello Kitty Palette. I haven't pressed any of my pigments yet. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking time to comment. 🙂

Vanilla and Naked are my favs!! I use Naked as a base all time, great picks!! P.S. I'm loving the blog re-design…get it girl!!

Hey Ro, they truly are amazing products and the value is even better because they seem to last forever. Thank you so much for complimenting my site. I appreciate! 🙂

Nice post! Naked Pigment is my favorite highlight ever!

Hey Brittany! Yes, isn't it fantastic? It goes with EVERYTHING!!! 🙂

Love love love blue brown….and I adore melon!

Yes, isn't Blue Brown great? Melon is definitely a runner up. It makes a really pretty lip color. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

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